Why Ugly Matters

I don't consider myself ugly, but yet some things in reality kinda show me signs that I probably am. In all my life I have maximum 10 "you're pretty" compliments (most of them from familly members and close friends). It's always your hair looks good, your *** looks good. Nobody tells me you're pretty, you're beautiful or stuff. And I don't get attention, so I think is because I really am ugly. I have ugly face. What really annoys me is that I still worry about those stuff. I mean if you look at people, pretty people are much fewer than the notsopretty people. Why I am so obssessed with not being ugly? It's not like I'm alone. It's not like that's the most important thing in life. It's not like you can't be happy unless you're pretty. Why do I still care? Is it society? Or is it really that important?
And another thing is that quiet often I find beautiful people that are not considered beautiful by public opinion. I just find it so pretty when people show you some really honest human behaviors, no matter if they are not concidered "pretty". So I think "well one day somebody will think that for me". Someone will find me beautiful no matter what. And yet I have problems believing in this. "Pretty" it still what I want to be.
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

Personally, I would much rather admire intelligence and/or wit. If many people think that you are ugly, I can tell you a positive aspect. For me, it is good that people think that I am ugly (if they do) because men leave me alone. They do not drool over me or obsess over me. It would bother me to get that negative type of attention. It depends on your outlook.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Pretty and beautiful is subjective...what some may think is pretty others may not. I'm sure there are people in your life besides family that think you're beautiful! Beauty to me isn't just a face or a nice body...it's a person's soul! You can send me a pic...I'm sure you are beautiful!