Stories About Being An Ugly Guy

I am an ugly guy. Girls never look at me. When they do it's like "Oops! Just looked at an ugly guy!" I had a pen pal that wanted to meet me. Then she saw my photo and mysteriously changed her mind and ended it. A girl told me I was "gorgeous" while simultaneously rejecting me. I had a psychologist who told me to get a date in 2 weeks. She really didn't have a clue what it's like trying to get a date when you're ugly. Which was understandable since she was very beautiful.

The only 2 girls I ever kissed were really really drunk. I asked one on a date but she made up some excuse. I paid to have sex because I was embarrassed about being a virgin.

Female cashiers never talk to me although when I am with a friend they will ask questions all the time. When I am around girls who have been having sex recently they look at me and smirk. As if to say "you'll never get this." I started some online dating profiles and put my best photo on there but didn't get one reply with about 50 messages I sent.

What's the point when you're this ugly? I don't want to kill myself any more, but I wish I had something to live for.
Cyp123 Cyp123
26-30, M
1 Response May 7, 2012

My friends could have 6eyes and 4arms and I'd still love them. Ive dated some physically unattractive guys because they were funny to be with. A real woman will look at the inside not the out. Add me we can talk anytime.