Appearances Do Matter

   So many people say that appearances don't matter, but in know they're lying. I'm a very ugly girl with a big mole on my face, hairy arms and legs, and frizzy hair. I'm a pretty nice person, but I never had anyone like me before. I'm not friends with the popular kids. No one wants to talk to me unless they have no one else to talk to. 
   Don't tell me that appearances don't matter. It's the first thing people see when they meet you. They can't see your wonderful personality just by looking at you. It's the appearance that they see. And when they see a pretty girl, they want to meet them, they want to be friends with them and to talk to them. But when they see an ugly girl like me, they just get turned off. They don't even bother to try to get to know me. With so many people in the world, first glances are important. People look for those prettiest people to talk to, not us average, homely people.
   And look at those celebrities, millionaires, and successful people. Are any of them ugly? No. They're all super pretty and stuff, of they do plastic surgery to make themselves look pretty so that people will idolize them, want to be like them, want to be someone that people think are pretty.
   I'm not pretty, so I guess I will never be successful. Because prettiness also leads to self-confidence. When you are pretty, people always are nice to you, so you feel better about yourself. But when you are ugly like me, no one talks to you and you just feel worthless, not worth talking to or listening to. So you become shy, even mute maybe. Social anxiety is something else I deal with because of my ugliness. I'm also super un-popular because of the shyness that my ugliness brought me.
   So don't tell me appearances don't matter. They do. Then can change every aspect of your life.
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

I agree with you to an extent. I agree that pretty people do have an easier life. They are approached and given more and greater opportunities than the average person. But the one thing us average people can be proud of is how we earned the opportunities we were given. They weren't handed to us by people ba<x>sed on our looks but instead they were given to us by our skill. There will always be people prettier than you and I but there will also be people who are even more unattractive than us. We can't control the physical cards we've been dealt. We have to embrace it and discover other hidden talents or skills we have. Even though people don't approach you, you can approach people and show them that you are a friendly person. Not everybody on high school is superficial and will only talk to people ba<x>sed on their looks. You have to be confident that people will accept you ba<x>sed on your personality. If you don't like your personality then change it. And even though you may be rejected by a few people, it's their loss. People like that will not go far in life even if they have the looks. It's true that the people with looks have more opportunities but if they don't have the personality then they'll lose the personality. I'm sure you aren't as grotesque as you describe yourself to be. Make physical modifications to yourself by buying clothes, wearing making, something to give you that extra boost of confidence and when you go to school, especially the first day of school in a new class with new people, spark a conversation. The person will be drawn by your personality before they evaluate your looks. Life is about taking the initiative to improve it. Your young so you have a lot of time to experiment with conversing and analyzing the reactions of people. At my school, some of the most popular people are not all that physically attractive, but their sense of humor, kindness, and ability to make you feel comfortable and not intimidated around them draws the attention of a lot of people.

Umm Sweetie??? No... ALL celebrities ARE NOT beautiful. They are made that way by makeup artists, clothing and hair experts, and surgery.; Not to mention computer magic. They really are , for the most part, as average as any of us.