Afraid To Face The World Being Me Only Me

everyday wake up with new dream and with the new expectation from the world. But today also i woke up with the same face ,same thoughts which is not accepted since my childhood. Tired of trying to change my physical appearance and behaviour. Now enough is enough I want to live my way with my own god gifted appearance most popular among the popular guys in the town "ugly". I hate being isolated and am in search of friend with whom i can share things ,accept me for what i am and how i look and dont care about my appearance just love me and my soul. Am fed up with daily materialistic way of living trying to adjust with the modern rock and roll world. I am like this and unable to change. No one feels like hanging out with me if they do also they do for certain time or they just end  making me their target for humiliation. I dont know what to do , is it my fault my nature and its my mistake that I cant adjust with the world cant accept myself for what i am. Am just afraid to face the world and afraid to smile. Afraid to live anymore.I know i am good soul ,I have good heart but this world changed me and i helped this world for changing me. TRY TO BE REAL NOT PERFECT,,, TODAY YOU ARE TRUER THAN TRUE AND THERE IS NOONE IN THIS WHOLE WORLD WHO IS YOUER THAN YOU, Its easy to read these things everyday but when we be in the situation of humiliation and state of lonliness and no ******* quotation gona work. Plz god just help me give me power to resist the world and just face the world with what I am .
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

Look girl! U r nt ugly... U r another gods creation... Jus look in the mirror n speak i m not ugly i m perfect and my parents love me the way i am. Wat else u need dear? I m 20 n i myself is gng thru ths same phase of lyf where ppl speak ill about my looks but i nvr mind it infact i ask god to forgive dm as dey are dsrespecting ur creation. U shud be blessed atleast u hav all working senses.. lov urself dats it n whenever u recieve such comments gv all of dm a perfect smile:)

I feel dat same way I m 13 n dat same stuff is alredy happening to me