Why did I have to be beaten with the damn ugly stick. I hate my round, piggy nose, short legs, small beady eyes, wide torso, frizzy hair, fat arms, deformed armpits, gross stretch marks. I hate everything about my appearance. I have never felt pretty. Ever! I know they say it is what is on the inside that matters but trust me that is not all that great either. I am always unhappy looking and most of the time I don't even notice I do till someone mentions it. I just wish I could be more confident in myself but I cannot cause I am not the typical pretty girl. My sisters are both drop dead gorgeous and in pictures they always look so great and then there is me the lump. I hate when my family comments on baby pictures of me and is like all aaawww you were such a pretty baby too bad it didn't stick with you when you got older. I know I am ugly but I don't want to be reminded of it. I hate myself. I have even had guys say oh well you are great and funny I just wish you were pretty. You would be perfect if so. Damn! I guess looks really do matter a lot. Too bad I do not have them at all. I am not looking for attention (venting) and don't try and tell me I am pretty cause pictures can be deceiving. Being face to face is the only real way to know if someone is attractive or not. I want to be a perfect 10 but I cannot. I hate that I can't even pull off certain accessories or styles cause people say I cannot. It bothers me to no end that I feel so unattractive. It is so unfair. I was cursed with an awkward body shape and face. I feel like I look like a troll or pig. I hunch over sometimes too which probably doesn't help in the attractiveness factor. I just want a new body. Hell I would just take a new face if given just one option. Guys can look past the body sometimes but if the girl has and unattractive face forget it. It sucks that I have lost all this weight and I am still ugly as sin. Sucks so bad. DRAMA LLAMA! I so am one!
22-25, F
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I think your beautiful .. just saying

I know exactly how you feel. I too am tired of people telling me that looks die and personality is what really matters. The only people who give me advice like that are people who are adults and who were pretty when they were my age. They don't know what it's like to not know why you're not appealing to others as anything more than a friend. For me, I believe it's my weight. I don't look terribly overweight but my large fr<x>ame portrays otherwise and it stinks. Everybody around me is thin and pretty and in or had multiple relationships. It's ridiculous listening to them telling me that things will get better when I grow up. I'm tired of not feeling confident. To be honest, I'm in the same boat as you. I'm frustrated with my current lack of relationship situation and I wanted to tell you this because I wanted to let you know that you're not alone. Even though our situations aren't identical the circumstance is. I can only hope for the both of us that one day, when we least expect it, the right Person will find us. I also realized that I have a tendency to look for relationship candidates and constantly contemplate about when the day will come that a person looks at me more than a friend. Maybe if we stop looking, then the right person will come. The best things in life are unexpected. Take up a hobby and keep yourself occupied for the time being. Focus your energy on something that can be controlled like an interesting activity. That way you'll be so focused on that activity, that you won't even think about when the right person will come.

Short, Tall, Ugly, Pretty, Witty, Dull --- whatever it is you think you are. OWN IT and love yourself. You can have an amazing life once you start to love you. There's more to people than looks.<br />
<br />
Besides that. You look fine. I could show you pics of my ex, but that would just be mean to do to my ex.<br />
<br />
Do yourself a favor and LOVE YOURSELF. Great things cannot happen to you until you love YOU.

I believe you are overdoing the "ugly stick" comment as well. You shouldn't give a damn if people say you can't pull something off anywhoo. I use to dress up in all sorts of out there fashions when people referred to me as gorgeous, and they still said made fun of me cruelly for experimenting me with style. **** 'em. <br />
That was years ago though....Now I'm overweight by forty pounds (from teh babey) and my face is pockmarked really bad from a sudden outburst of acne that lasted for two years. I've had people ask me "What happened? You were so pretty!" and tell me how I can fix my face. My aunt and mom told me I look liked a drug addict that picked at their face. <br />
I was depressed for some time, and felt less valuable. Since my daughter, however, I felt I have better, more important things to focus on. I'm working on my bachelors and joining the military (doing a boot camp style, weight loss program next month) to show her its her achievements that matter, not her aesthetics. Show 'em all up by doing something grand. My ambitions are getting me places, not my looks.

sweetheart, babydoll, sugar ****.... i say this from a place of peace and love....<br />
shut the hell up!<br />
the only thing wrong with you is the Way ya look at yaself.<br />
if ya Always look for the worst, them by god, you sure as hell Will find it.<br />
ever try try looking for the Good? ever? at all?<br />
i know ya got Something goin on....<br />
love ya more than reeses pieces ;-)