Beauty In The Beast

In my life time experiences the common occuring factor is that pretty peolple get it easy which is true! at times i feel that i am pretty being called "beautiful" by people at my school, but what really makes you pretty or even beautiful? I was never popular, well known yes but never had a wide expension of friends and if im honest i think my parents were worried about me quiet a lot of the time. but i always feel ugly next to the 6ft tall beam polled legged people, I am as you call it petite, short and quiet curvy, not really noticable. so they way i see it is that it doesnt really matter if you are pretty you do have to have a great personality to accompany it, otherwise youreally dont get anywhere. My main story was when i was bullied becuase i had a mole on my cheeks, my friends or "friends", started to tease me about it and called it billpo, odd i know but it really hurt me, since then it has knocked my confidence in so many different ways. It ended with me atually having it removed it affected me so much, i had to change my appearanc because they made me feel unworthy and just wrong. i hate how people think that teasing has no side effects, especially when it is related to how you look. our society is wrong and the way we judge people in it is wrong, its not right but that what its like, we have to be brave, fight and alrthough it is cheesy, just love ourselves for what and who we are and not try to strive to be anything else.
needhelpinlife needhelpinlife
18-21, F
May 22, 2012