Ugly Ugly Ugly

I have always thought i was ugly... And i still do. I am only 13, but i have been thinking this since i was 8 or 9.... Is this normal?... Also, im not one of the popular people at school but have friends that are like me but they have popular friends, but i dont have any... I think im Probably the 6th or 7th ugliest person at my school in my grade.... Why do i have to be cursed with ugliness??????? Oh yeah, i also have a bf who isnt the cutest but he is super nice and loving...
SunnygirlLove SunnygirlLove
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

if you notice i am ALEX dad namely Alex is my 4 year old son and I dont think you are his gf BUT never sure last time i asked he had 6 girlfriends

Lol im not... My bf is 4months and 3days older than me soo, ya... Lol :)

ugly is skin deep but mean is to the bone<br />
so remember you do have a GUY that likes you alot and i bet he doesnt think you are ugly

Thanks! And your name is kinda creepin me out... No offense (my bfs name is alex so its kinda wierd to have someone with the name alex reply to me... And yes i know that alex is a common name... But its just a little creepy)