I Am Physically Unappealing

I'm not physically good-looking, and have never been:( I know that looks matter to a certain degree, but I wish that one girl would see that my intellect and my personality more than make up for my lack of good looks, but it's been three years since I've had a gf, and that one said that I wasn't as good- looking as she would've liked; no wonder the relationship only lasted for a month:( .
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There is a difference between being ugly and taking care of yourself. I've dated guys that are not great looking but they were sweethearts and they took pride in their appearance. Well groomed men are attractive.

looks can only get you so far, I have met very attractive people who were ugly on the inside, and I have met people who I wasnt attracted to right away, but once I had got to know those same people I couldnt remember why I never thought of them as attractive because I saw them for who they truly were. I would much rather meet someone who has an amazing personality, than someone with amazing looks and lack of a personality..

From my experience, physical beauty is very shallow. I know it hurts to be told that you're not good looking enough or you're not handsome or pretty enough, but true beauty comes from the inside. I have a friend I work with who got married to a really good looking guy. He told her many times that she wasn't good enough for him. That she wasn't pretty enough or skinny enough for him. He knew he looked good and he flaunted it. He cheated on her, he abused her. That's not beauty. That's not pretty. <br />
I hope you find someone who sees what really matters in you. :)

F*** her. You don't need someone shallow. And you shouldn't put yourself down either. Once you realise what's important, and once you find a person you connect with - they become the most beautiful person in the world - despite what society dictates to be visually aesthetic. Be confidant no matter how you feel, smile alot and let your personality shine. :)