Happy Girl Living In A Lonely World

So.. I'm finding it hard to write this because on the surface I am a happy confident yet slightly shy at times kinda girl. I always have fun when I am out with my friends. I socialise, I party anythin a normal 18 year old would do really. My family life is stable; everything is fine. it's just I don't feel fine on the inside. Everytime I look in the mirror I feel disgusted. My body,my face. Everything.. I can change my body, just need to lose a few pounds but I can't get over how ugly I look. My face is horrible and I hate my smile.. I love smiling and when someone is feeling upset you tell them to smile, that's kinda hard for me considering I hate my smile.. it really gets me down and sometimes I don't want to go out because of it. I feel so damn ugly, I AM ugly & I cry every night. I don't want to go any further into detail,. I hate sharing my feelings.. I'm supposed to be happy.
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Thanks I am trying to, you do the same. Sorry for the short reply x

I believe that everyone is beautiful too, like literally I look outside and everyone radiates beauty. I love watching people go by. it's lovely :D except obviously myself which I know is wrong. you're so sweet honestly. Reading your comment made me smile :) I'm here for you too. I'll try to help.

Well you said it. everyone radietes beauty. Everyone includes you too :P I'm sure you radiete beauty too. Most of the people think their ugly and sometimes it's not true at all. So love yourself :)


I feel the same..I hate my face too. But I believe everyone has their own beauty, you don't need to be so focused on your outside. you sound like a very nice person :)<br />
I'm always here if you want to talk with someone. really, don't be shy :)