Not Even A Pretty Face

My mother is gorgeous and gets attention wherever she goes. My father is a handsome man but I have his looks and they don't work well on a girl. I look like a boy if I wear a hat and ive had people tell me so. All my siblings are good looking except me. I hate my skin since I am African American and have brown skin while my siblings are light skin because we have a different mother. My hair is short and breaks off. My nose is big. I have the shortest eyelashes and a faint unibrow. My skin is not clear but it is sensitive so whatever I use breaks me out and I don't have enough money to keep buying different creams and stuff. I'm 15. I don't make friends easily I don't date guys because I'm soninsecure. I have fat thighs and boons too big and a pudgy stomach. I wish I could lose 20 pounds and fit into a size 0. My feet are too big, size 9 and everything about me is just wrong. I'm tired of pretending to be confident. I want to be beautiful. I hate seeing girls that are gorgeous and perfect. I wish I were a different race, like white or Asian. Or even a guy sometimes.
earthtosharky earthtosharky
Jul 25, 2012