I Wish I Was Pretty And Good Enough

When i was younger i got bullied a lot. Kids called me fat, ugly, a cow, and one kid called said that i was ugly that i would die. My cousin even called me a hippo, it broke my heart because i never thought my family would actually be so mean to me. As the bullying went on my self esteem dropped, and each day i hated myself more and more. I'm not pretty at all, i'm ugly and fat. I'm not good enough and i never will be. The people who called me ugly are the pretty ones, they laughed at my tears and my pain. They're the main reason why i totally and completely hate myself thanks to those idiots.
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6 Responses Aug 7, 2012

Nobody's perfect

Ok, you are not ugly AT ALL. you are f***ing PRETTY. Like, I saw your picture and I was jealous. Those people that bully you, I bet they're jealous or something cause you aren't ugly, not even close. You can't let them see it bothers you. If they start to bully you, perk up your confidence and just smile and go "Mmhmm, ya, um, WHY DO I CARE WHAT YOU THINK? Sorry, I forgot, please remind me" or something. Whenever someone calls me ugly, I get really sad and hug them cause I know how tough life must be for the visually impaired.

haha, nice!! don't take what they say to heart, it gives you a negative outlook on EVERYTHING, until all you can see is bad. yesterday this random kid comes up to me and goes "haha you're ugly" and I'm like, "that may be true, but at least I have even eyebrows" then I ruffle his hair cause he was shorter than me and walk away

ahhh, ya when you're young it's a lot harder to think

You are beautiful and more than enough. U are you. Thats all that matters is if you are always you and not someone else.

it is so easy to listen to the negative over the positive. & when you hear the negative all the time, you start to ignore the positive. easier said then done, but try not to let them make you mad. when THEY make YOU mad, they now have power over your emotions. & only you get the power of your emotions. not them. not anyone else, but you. it's your life. decide who you are before someone else does.

you are very pretty! dont let anyone bring toy down x

being is what you have inside -*-<br />
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there was a deaf frog in a jungle everyone made fun of him one day all frogs wanted to move to other side of the jungle while they were passing the river the deaf frog and the two other frogs fell down in a hole the hole was really deep so they started struggling and trying as hard as they can but they got tired the first one gave up after 3 minutes and the second one after 5 minutes other were watching and shouting : stop you can't make is but he kept trying and trying until he was out of the whole is turns out later that the deaf frog thought they were encourage him!!!!!!!! sometimes be deaf