Fat And Ugly? Not Anymore

I've been hating how I look for a long time, when I was littler than I am now I didn't care7know anything about looks. Didn't think they matterd that much, but apperently they do. I still struggle with that. My biggest problem is me. I don't feel beautiful, or I didn't. I felt fat ugly and just messed up. But now I see that I'm not that fat, and if I am I just have to worc out. It's all about the time effort and how commited you are. This I learned from Shay Butler. He's an amazing romodel. I feel much prettier just by listening to him. I've started to worcout nd I know I will change. I dont look ugly or fat anymore because I don't feel ugly and fat. It's all about how you feel inside before you think about how you feel outside.
Ninzaah Ninzaah
Aug 9, 2012