Ugly People Need To Read This:

When I was 14, I found out I was ugly. I went to a vocational high school out of my town because, my town had nothing to offer me. I met a friend at the new high school which, he introduced me to some of his other friends. One of his friends was name Mark. He made a remark even before, I open my mouth. He blurted out that I was ugly. What make it worse is when, I saw him the first time. I thought he was ugly in appearance. I don’t tell people what I think of their appearance because it wasn’t that important to me. (It’s funny that you will always remember the first time you been called ugly). I didn’t say anything, I just shrugged it off. Telling myself that, it was just one opinion so far. As high school went on, a few more people made the remark about my appearance (they were all boys). That sure ruined my high school experience. I didn’t go to the junior prom, didn’t date any girls at all, and didn’t go to any parties just in case somebody would say something.

I thought I was like every other high school boy. We all lift weights to build our body up. I use to get complements about my body, but still didn’t ask any girls on dates because of my insecurities. Which you people brought on. (When I did start feeling good about myself, there was somebody out there to bring me back down)

After high school I got a job, but became more insecure about my looks. I never got a date because of my insecurity and won’t take a chance being called ugly. The job soon closed down because of government cuts. Took me a while to find another job, this is where the word ugly became my second name. A supervisor came over to me one day, and told me I was ugly. (It funny the people who called you ugly were ugly in appearance themselves). Ugly people do have limits before the lid blow off if, they hear the word enough many times) I went off on him vocally (now I sorry I didn’t punch his face in. I kept my weight training up after high school, and I know I could have broken his jaw and give him something to think about before he says it again to someone else). Well, I lost my job and I couldn’t say why. Who want to tell other people the reason why you went off on him? If you told them that he called you ugly, all their going to do is laughs. (This is for the ugly people to get back at the person who called you ugly at work, a week or two later tell you supervisor that he made a racial or gender joke. Request for him to be fired: otherwise, you will take it to hire authorities. Don’t feel sorry for him, take a look what he has just done to you. Making you cry your eyes out at night, making you less insecure. Just have a joke ready and tell them that he said it and stick to your guns).

To sum this up, I was called ugly more times for no reason at all. I think people are staring at me now all the time even if they are not. I wish I did plastic surgery, or killed myself. Things are not going to get better for you, they are just going to get worse. You’ll see!

I’m 50 now and still unmarried. I’m not telling you to commit suicide but thing are not going to become better the older you get. I was told a man never cries, which I don’t do. Sometimes it hard to stop the tears from hitting your pillow. Some nights I lay in my bed thinking about the people who called me ugly, hoping their having a miserable life because they sure ruined mine.
The reason why I don’t kill myself now is because of my dog. I want someone to be nice and take care of her. I don’t want some to have to put her down because I’m dead. This is for all the people who give this advice. We ugly people are sick and tired hearing these statements because it doesn’t help.
1. it’s what inside that counts
2. Beauty is eyes of the beholder (first thing you need to find that person and you’re not going to up to a people and ask unless you like letdown.
3. were all beautiful in god eyes (if that was true why did he make us ugly in everyone else eyes) or (why did he create people who like hurting other people).
4. There’s someone out there for everyone (that is not true, I’m 50 and still have no prospects)
5. Impacting the family
6. There are many others that don’t help because, they are only words and not going to change my life or anyone else life.
All I want to know, is there any real good reason why, we ugly people should end it because, we are so sad and lonely. It’s the only way to escape this hell on earth. Are you crying at night or thinking about the people that hurt you so bad that their no hope.
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Crying after reading this cause I feel the same way. In a world where people only care about looks,it's so hard being ugly and knowing you can't do anything to change it. Sometimes I feel like I'd be better off dead

I am afraid this is exactly where I will end up.

im rly beutifull guy and y i think u should all kill u self and i work in a petshop u can give ur dog to me ill take good cae of him :D

LOL. The people who are ugly and think you're ugly are people you should ignore. I think that's ******* hilarious.

I think all we need is a women that crazy about you. I guess she would have to be crazy.LOL

And yes, i cry a lot at night an i wish hat i woul just die all of a sudden without any more suffering.

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I can relate to this. I am 36 still going strong on ugliness and virginity, i avoid all social situations but i have good job in IT. So thats the thing that keeps me going.

I went to college for IT too. I do lack convince to apply for a Job in the IT Dept.

Avoiding all social situations is why you're single.

That's a sad tale. What I have found, however, is that one's looks matter less if (a) you are a man and (b) as you get older, with older and more mature women.<br />
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I would think that at your age the problem is more that you've had all you confidence knocked out of you in your youth because of comments on your appearance, rather than because of your appearance per se.<br />
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All I can suggest is stop worrying about your appearance and focus on being nice, confident and cheerful. I've seen plenty of hideously ugly blokes with good-looking women.

That because women start getting desperate when they get older. Most will be happy with just having someone. Why do women steal other women man. There's not enough of us to go around, when we get older.