What is worse than being called ugly, is the people who go along with it. Someone calls you ugly for everyone to hear then, you hear people laughing and snickering in the back ground.

Another thing I hate (this is for women only) when someone goes up to someone with his girlfriend, and her boyfriend calls them ugly. Then his girlfriend tells him to be nice. All she is doing is confirming what her boyfriend has just said. If the girlfriend meant what she said, she should find someone else to be with for that night or be with the guy he just insulted (you people keep saying looks don’t matter well act upon it). Just leave your old boyfriend (I hope its old) standing there alone (I don’t know why you want to be with him anyway). Another thing she could do is in front of her boyfriend give her phone number and say call me sometime, only if you mean it. Then leave her boyfriend just standing there alone. The women who says be nice just don't say anything because pity is just as bad as the act. The people who write all those cliché' are the ones that don’t act upon them. Instead of writing them why, don't they act upon them? You may like the guy your boyfriend just called ugly.
vertigo941 vertigo941
Sep 6, 2012