NO, I'm 26, My Ugly Years ...

NO, I'm 26, my ugly years where over 10 years ago
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I wouldn't see your grandmother any more not even on her death bed. You don't need to ridicule from your own family members. Don't be mad about what I'm about to say "What the h*ll is wrong with your grandmother".

thats really really inspiring. thank you! . i dont think mine will do. its my face. there's nothing i could do to change it. not even make up. and i couldnt afford plastic surgeries. but congratulations to you. btw, im 20 now. and i am still trying to accept the condition of my face. i have been ugly since childhood. only God knows how it felt. even my grandmother says im ugly. and when she express it, she expresses it directly in public. i dont know how am i going to live the rest of my life with 'it'. but i just have to :'(

What kinda of grandma you have? Maybe she is telling you HER truth, but what about your own truth? Beauty is much more than the outside skin.

You aren't alone, I know exactly that mom has called me ugly since I was born and I've had it confirmed in quite a few humiliating childhood experiences. I'm still not sure what hurts more: when I literally scare/disgust people when I turn to face them or that I have a face that literally not even my own mother could love. Being ugly in the USA as a female is so painful and yet though people will readily admit ugly people exist no one is allowed to say " I know most people think I'm ugly"and have their friends respect and support them for being brave and strong enough to deal with all the injustice and pain that comes with being ugly. Ugly people struggle with genuine discrimination, isolation, rudeness and sometimes even physical violence because of our looks, yet most of us keep waking up in the morning and trying to make it in life...even though we know the deck is stacked against us! We may not be pretty but we ARE strong and our struggles tend to make us more kind than the average person. I long for the day when ugly people get the same respect as Cancer patients etc. and people finally recognize what fighters we are.