Damm Im Ugly. ...

damm im ugly. i look like big foot (especially with the big feet)
lonelyboat lonelyboat
18-21, M
10 Responses May 5, 2007

You wanna talk about ugly? Look at Jay Z. Look like somebody ran his *** over TWICE. But he's swimming in women. Why? The dough. So bump the whole self hate. I bet you clean up real good, no homo or anything. Keep your head up and rock.


Dude. Relax. "Ugly" is only an opinion. The fact is: under the shell you have built around yourself is a ladykiller. Let it out, dude.

ugly people are always more interesting to look at.

Got you beat! I look like Shrek.

for every shrek there is a fiona out there waiting for him...


nothing wrong with big feet, 'specially since your a guy! Men were meant to have oversized features!!!

Can we see a photo please so to know what ur talking about.

And? you're point is? at least use 100 characters next time.

Hi bigfoot, I'm Quasi Moto

You know what they say about big feet ;D<br />
Big socks XD

hey! WE all gotta be proud of something! heh heh. Ever listen to the band FACEPULLER? they sing BORED WITH BEAUTY> excellant lyrics.