Bad Genes

In a society that revolves around sex its hard being un-attractive. Ive come to accept my looks but its hard to get enjoyment out of life. Im not religious so I know I was just unlucky in the gene department. Its hard not to be resentfull towards these good-looking people with their big egos who think they did something to deserve their looks. I hate posers . I know Im being being shallow but whether you like it or not if your not attractive the majority of people will judge you and your life will be a lot more arduous . I mean respect for people who are happy regardless ,you have more courage than me but I find it hard to motivate myself. I feel like lifes a race but some people have been given a headstart.
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I know how you feel. I have bad genes too! I was wondering if there was a support group out there for people like me so I hope this is genuine. People still posting?

I totally agree...

I understand, but I don't believe that life ever is a race. I think it's a fight between you and your 'Skinny.' (i.e, that little voice in your head, that calls you foul names) But, yeah, people judge you every single second of the day but that doesn't mean, we aren't judging them, by calling 'em snobby, or a poser.
And, yeah, we do have a world and society that worships sex.

Well societies are overwhelmed with sexual messages nowadays. The old adage that sex sells- turned it into such an overwhelming soft power that it becomes overrated now.<br />
<br />
I used to be in agreement of the beautiful people with big egos cliche. <br />
But throughout my life- I've been observing how it's quite an absurd idea- just as absurd as these sayings: how ugly people are kindhearted/have inner beauty, how the rich/upper-class are arrogant twits, how the poor/lower-class are humble sages. <br />
Don't get me wrong- some does fit the archetype. But life's far more filled with shades of gray. <br />
<br />
For example some of my experiences stated that it's not the rich guy who's a pr**k about wealth, it's that poor guy/new money/middle class guy who's all about wealth and material stuffs. <br />
<br />
It's not that beautiful girl who's shallow about looks- it's those ugly/average-looking girls who're shallow and insecure and envious and judge others from looks.<br />
<br />
It's not that prestigious family who shuns lower-class family, it's the lower-class family who're being obnoxious social-climbers and disgustingly ambitious.<br />
<br />
It's not that most popular kid at school who acts high-and-mighty, it's those little people surrounding him and basking in his coolness who act like top-ranked wh*res, believing in their twisted minds that they become cool by associations.<br />
<br />
<br />
Do you know what it means?<br />
For me, that means there are various kind of people in various roles, "class", status and many more attributes we have in life. Yes that means- there must exist a true blue perfect people, just like there must exist the opposite. I'd say, to envy these "perfection", to feel insecure and cry foul about the unfairness of the world are just us being humane, but I wonder if these attitudes beget more darkness?<br />
<br />
I think some people turn into twisted individuals exactly because they envy these "perfections" and in their attempts to be one of these perfections, they end up exactly the opposite. And they hurt and burn and affect others around them, making others feel bad about themselves and wonder if they're the wrong ones, if they missunderstand these twisted individuals, etc. worse, when these affected people start to get influenced by these sad people... And turn into one of them. And start to immitate these pathetic twisted souls.<br />
<br />
So nowadays I keep myself in this belief- that there must exist true beauties. They are just not going to bother or hurt others or turn others into uglies simply by being themselves. That rich guy? That handsome guy? That smart guy? That royalty/noble guy? That happy guy? They are too busy being happy with their life- and won't be the ones who spread hatred and bully others, make others feel bad and beat others down. <br />
If you meet these seemingly-perfect individuals who convinced you otherwise, then congratulation my friend- you just meet a fake version of the real deal. Fake things beget more fakes and ugliness- the original or the genuine ones won't cause such damages in the long run(they can cause bit envy, you know what I talk about ;)). Don't bother with fakes- you'd find that beneath these perfection they projected to the world, there are creepy things they buried deeply. Instead, start looking at yourself and work to improve it- and you may dig unpolished diamonds you are unaware of all these times- just waiting to be found and cherished.

People can be nicer to look at then know shape,size and symmetry wise .I think we've got to accept that. But its important to not let that define you or how you percieve others like you say theres a grey area with peoples personalities. Looks should only account for a small percent of their true beauty. It also has to be said thou that in our society the majority dont think like this. There is a lot of insecurity..the media has a lot to do with it. These true beauties you talk of are rare. That said, I will personally try and be more like this ,self assured non-judgemental.

Agree 100%

to think i will meet someone as open minded as you. i totally agree with you. society judges by stereotype and it has been going for ages. it\'s wrong in so many levels to judge a book by it\'s cover. If a lot of people could see with the same eyes as you, i believe this kind of stigma by judging directly from stereotype won\'t last for a century.

Thanks Tetravortex! I'm flattered, but if I'm open-minded, then someone who can agree with me certainly show the same tendency himself! Only those cloce-minded people don't want to accept or hear others' opinions.
I wish I can live in a world where people are judged based on their person. I don't doubt that stereotypes are....made to simplify what's complicated(let's face it, humans are complicated beings. In order to understand each other, the first step is that- to simplify them). But in the long run, people just stuck with the simplified version and forget that we're supposed to look deeper, beyond the stereotypes or anything like that.

Again, this is just my opinion. I hope people would be more open-minded one day. No one deserves to feel bad because of things they can't change, like their genes or their natures.

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I think ure not ugly, is that ur real pic? It doesnt look ugly to me.

Hey.. I just wanted to say that..
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

dude, you're not ugly.

Hey cosreal thanks the pic is one of my better ones. you'll just have to take my word for it lol ,dont get me wrong thou im know of people have it harder than me for sure ,appreciate the compliment thou :)

totally with you man. I am 26 and i have four years extra of what you are saying here. I am here to chat. I hope you find some special girl soon and also start seeing yourself for the good things u got. Don't add four more years of feeling negative thoughts. It won't increase chances of you meeting someone. Trust me, I know as I said I am 26. I have never had a gf, or a kiss even. But bro, try and find ways to be happy, socialize, and take advice from some of the women who commented on here for you.
I don't get too many comments either. Women have a psyche i cant understand and i want you to succeed were I have not. I got basketball, but my knees from all the balling i have done over the years do hurt sometimes now.

Thanks ,kind of gives me a new motivation ,reading these comments,il keep you updated and probably be needing your advise, good to have you.

no doubt man and see the comment above mine!

I could have written this myself - i feel exactly the same!
I often feel less valuable as a human being because im not drop-dead gorgeous. I know this is ridiculous deep down, but i cant help feel that way, regardless. My confidence is rock bottom at the moment and i know that if i liked what i saw in the mirror (and other people found me more attractive too) i would certainly have the drive and confidence and ability to achieve more from life.
I feel like a 2nd class citizen. Like the fat kid at school that never gets picked for PE. On the sidelines of life watching all the beautiful people succeed and have fun and experience life to the max.
I wish with all my heart i could FEEL beautiful, even if i cant look it. Im sure confidence adds a little attractiveness to a human being. But i cant help feel plain ugly.