I Hate Being Looked Over...

I never was called pretty or beautiful by anyone other than my parents.

I look myself in the mirror and see scars and pimples all over my face. I realize I am over weight but I don't look like it thankfully.

My best friends are beautiful girls. And I realized today in gym class that lots of boys were flirting with one of them in paticular and its probably because she doesn't care what anyone thinks or what people say about her, if she did I wouldn't love her as much as I do. You see I'm scared to embrace the inner me because of what others think. And I honestly don't know how. I used to not care about anything or what anyone though when I was younger and I probably could be adored by those boys just to look them over like they did to me. But its yet till I figure out how.
Dlbayok Dlbayok
Nov 26, 2012