I Wish.

I wish I was handsome
because all these handsome people got bf and gf. And I also want to be loved. The only people on my school that have relationships are handsome kids. I hope puberty helps me (I hope it doesn't get worse)
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there's always time for everything, buddy :)

You see, looks isn't required for you to be loved. Don't rush things buddy it will happen soon, the more you try looking for your prince, the more you are likely to be hurt because of loneliness. In fact handsome men/women are more likely to be in pain, because people only go to them because they look good and most of them has no intention of being serious in a relationship. Instead they only go to them because of s*x. After that they will just leave you, like your just a toy. It happened to me, since I am Bisexual, a lot of people (men and women) chase after me a lot of people say I am handsome. And they will try anythng just to get you, but their intention isn't to love you. And it hurt so if I were you, I would be much contented with what you have. Love yourself first before you love someone.

I was like this too before, i was rushing things I had a relationship with 5 girls already after that I got a bf a first bf. All of them where just attracted on how I look and every relationship ended misserably except for the last gf I had, I didnt rushed being in a relationship at that time, and we've been together for 2 years and 6 months even though it didnt work, we're still happy we made it that long and were currently good friends.

After my break-up with my last gf, I rushed things again and that was a mistake i made. He liked me very much because I look good. And i fell for it, and soon I broke up with him because I knowmhe was trying to get into my pants. Then again, I told myself to be patient, wait and let the time bring someone to me, I met this guy in the internet, we becamgppd friends and went slow and started a relationship and I'm happy now were together now for almost 3 months now.

aha like your style baby :D

after reading your comment. I think you're so right. so if you're pretty you don't know if they are serious about it, right?

Thanks but what did you just call me? O.O lol

Right :) so. Be contented on what you have :) your handsome inside out ;)

huh? what are you talking about in your first comment.. ? and I'll try :)

Its from dreck

:P naughty me lol

Yeah you are :P

okayyy, I'll leave you two alone then :s

i really don't know what should i say ;P

know the feeling, bro.

To Yannis : dreck is being wierdly naughty to me :D XD

oh okay, have fun with each other ^^
and what does he do?

i m so innocent , what i've done ??

Lol i didnt do anything, dreck just called me "baby" XD

haha, what's naughty about that, baby? ^^

XD at this moment i remembered a song ' love the way you lie ' :P

Rihanna and Eminem!

Yannis : because he just said that out of no where ._.
Dreck : LOL! i'm not lying though :P

but i m XD

oh well, that's not so bad, baby ^^ •_•

I am not a baby Yannis stop it :P lol

HHAHAHAHA, sorry I'll stop. :D ^^

then i think we should make our nick names , am i right

do you say we need to make nicknames (I think that's cool)

And Baby is for MyPains , just kidding :P

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i know what you think coz i also thinks the same but sometime we have to watch the things in other style

yeah, I guess you're right. ^_^

I haven't seen you, but from messaging I know that you're a great guy and someday you will be the love of someone's life. Inner beauty is more important.

oh you're so kind.. thank you, you and the people above really made my day!
you're so nice too..