It has always been a dream of mine to be thin, have perfect teeth, have tons of friends and date the cute guy in school. But it has only been a dream.
I am overweight and have been since about 12, ive been bullied relentlessly over it, being called a hippo, a whale, and would oink while I ate lunch, so I stopped eating lunch at school. By the time I got home I couldn't help but be starving and I would eat so much that I just kept gaining weight. I think my face is bearable but when I turn 18 there are some procedures id like to get done. I feel I have ruined my body, because I have such bad stretch marks, even if I do lose the weight they will still be there :'( I feel like ill never be loved..
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Your story makes me sad, I am amazed how people can be so mean. This year concentrate on becoming the strongest person ever. Wishing you the best!!!

Thank you so much :)

not eating the lunch won't help u to lose weight. take it from the self experience of a girl who was just like u when i was young. and trust me, even my own family and relatives made fun of my look and i used to thought everything was my fault and i deserved that. but at some point, i decided to built myself up and i'm glad for that.
first u need to remember u have no one but U and U alone to built yourself into who u want to be. now u want to lose weight, perfect teeth, friends and perfect bf.
check in with ur doc about if there's any problem with ur health. and have a right mindset about losing weight. u don't want to bring in more problem to urself by wrong ways. always eat nice breakfast. and drink a glass of water before u eat lunch. that will make u feel like full fast when u eat lunch and will prevent u from eating too much. and because u eat lunch, u wont be starving at night and end up eating more. never eat meat, beans and potato for dinner. force urself to walk as much as u can even when it is around in ur house or to corner down the road. be patient. stick to that simple plan and see in two months.
as for teeth, it is easy since im sure ur dentist can fix it for u honey.
friends....what kind of friend do u want? friend who will like u only when u r perfect? trust me. please don't involve with such people. u don't need lots of friends sweety. u only need true real friends who like u for who u r now and who will always have ur back. but if u still insist u want loads of friends, just built yourself up. focus in your study and yourself. work for yourself. and with time, u will surprised how people treat u.
now last but not least, boyfriend. bitter truth? noone is perfect. boys will run to u as u r building yourself up. why? because they love u for ur body and ur skills. but with time as u grow, u will learn how to choose an imperfect guy who is perfect for u.

Awww :') that was so sweet of you..your very wise! Thank you

honey, the loneliest people are the kindest. the saddest people smile the brightest. the most damaged people are the wisest. because they do not want to see anyone else suffer the way they do. i learnt all this late when i was 22. for 22 years, i let everyone get the best of me, hurt me and let them manipulate me to think iwas nothing. i wish i changed earlier than that but u are still young and u have time ahead of u enough to become a perfect girl for that special someone. u can make it darling. u can help yourself and u will. all u need to know is noone can change anything about u but u. just try the points i tld u about losing weight. it is a self experience and if it helps me, it certainly will for u too. u r so much prettier than me dahh :)

please do not say this. there is someone out there for everyone. you do not want a guy that loves you for your appearance. you want a guy who loves your inside. and trust me, those guys exist. and no, they arent all boring or ugly. i am with a guy that really he made me feel bad for being so handsome and attractive. i felt out of his leauge. but i have never loved a person like i love him and i know he loves me like crazy. and even though he is really hot and all, and makes me melt just by looking at him, i never loved him for his looks, only for who he is as a person. just like you are a girl that im assuming wouldnt love a person for his looks but for what he is, (and i dont believe youre boring and youre definitely not ugly) there are guys like that too. so no, a good guy doesnt have to be a boring guy or an ugly guy. for the contrary, the guy im with was absolutely hilarious and sweet and yet so handsome. dont judge a book by its cover. every girl has her flaws, every person. i can be personslly extremely insecure about the way i look too and i had surgery in mind too for a long time. and i was afraid to show my flaws to this guy, always trying to be perfect. so many nights i would cry for this matter. but with time i learned that i am beautiful, and that every girl is beautiful to someone. im the most pretty girl in his eyes, and i always felt i was the ugliest before. he made me see that im pretty. and he always saw me with ugly unfixed hair and no makeup and sometimes unplucked eyebrows. he saw my flaws, and i also have stretchmarks on my body, and i even have worse things than that. but that didnt make him change his mind about me. i was still the prettiest to him. so whats important is that YOU find yourself pretty. as long as youre happy with how you look, thats all that matters. of course if youre in a relationship you might want to do what your boyfriend likes, because its obviously him you want to be attractive for not the rest of the world, and ad long ad it doesnt make feel YOU bad then go for it. but dont ever try to change yourself with surgery to be liked. you should look the way you want. you want the guy youre spending the rest of your life with to like you for the right reasons, if you change yourself with surgery you wont ever feel sure he wouldve liked you for who you were, looking like your old you. and yes, the right one WILL come along if you stay this way, and probably not if you get surgery bwcause then you wont be sure of that person. and then AFTER he comes along and loves you for you and you know it, you will start to ask him for his preferances in looks and youll be that way sometimes (im talking about hairstyle and makeup and clothes he prefers on you, if he even has a preferance in those things,maybe some guys dont) because he always loves you and would never leave you at your "worst" so you will give him a treat a treat and let him have you at your "best" too when you want to do that. or maybe you dont. i know i do because i love him and i would want him to see me another type of pretty someday. go for the guy who loves you for the inside. and loves you just as much wjen youre without makeup as when youre all fixed up. because love isnt connected with the outside. its connected with the inside. dont do those surgeries. my boyfriend wouldnt let me do surgery to change myself even though i would argue with him about it and tell him i want to so i look pretty. so i learned with time that even though i can point out flaws in myself and say im unpretty when my confidence is at its lowest, i know that to him im absolutely gorgeous and he would never leave me for how i look. and i wouldnt leave him even if he looked like a monkey on the outside. to me he would be attractive anyway because its him. thats just how love works. you wouldnt leave the person you love or find him ugly even if for instance he was in an accident and got his face "ruined". still the most handsome person to you. or else its not called love.i decided not to get surgery because he is the only guy i cared to impress and if he finds me pretty this way, i feel happy too and dpnt feel i need surgery even though i can still sometimes myself feel unconfident and unpretty with my "flaws". this is how i was born, its me and i love myself. i just need to stop gettimg effected by other people and their comments. people like that shouldnt matter in ones life. good people who truly care for me are who i need to listen to. when im with my boyfriend i always forget the world and feel gorgeous. so i promise you girl. there is someone for you, who will love you truly because you are perfect just the way you are. true beauty lies within, outside apperance is all about different taste. ugly to someone is pretty to someone else. dont try to please people with your outside who dont deserve it yet!!!! allyou should care about to please that way for now is yourself. wear what is comfortable. and dont ever get surgery. i also thought nobody would ever like me and now i couldnt be happier with my bf.

Also have the doctor's check your t-4 ,t-3 and tsh

have you tried going to the doctor to see if you have hypothyrodism it is a condition in which the thyroid gland, which supplies hormones to keep the metabolism in working order, is not functioning properly. This results in lower-than-required levels of essential hormones that are distributed to the rest of the body - undermining the body's ability to function efficiently. Hypothyroidism generally affects adults, but can affect children too.

Really...I will bring that up at my next check up that could he helpful. Thank you

and I do understand so anytime you need to talk!

things will get better hun, I went through and am still going through the same stuff. things are getting better for me, as they will for you. and believe me when I say this, you are and always will be loved.

Thank you :') you are as well <3

Struggle with weight is tough, but I hope you get the strength to overcome it. You will get there. Like Lilcuties2 said, think about what good will come out of it, how much stronger and fitter you will feel, it will give you the motivation you need.
And remember, it's the inside that counts, so don't let people get to you.

Thanks a lot :) your really nice

Thank you too!

Hey, you aren't ugly. Someone's weight doesn't determine how attractive they are. Please don't get those procedures done. Please love yourself for who you are and how you are. I have hope for you. I'm struggling with the same thing of thinking I'm not good enough everyday. If you'll be there for me, I'll be there for you(:

I'd love to be a support system for you. Thank you so much. Message me anytime you need to talk or just need a friend