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Ok, so I am 17 nearly 18 still a virgin and lonely, I hate that I'm the ugly one out of all my friends and the one who allways likes the lads but never ever gets them,its so ****, I've liked someone for a while so I told my best friend and the week later she got with him, she said that she had been talking a realized how nice he was, it makes me feel so worthless having to go out with them both all the time knowing that I do still like him...
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Firstly, 18 is so young! You have AGES to lose your virginity. Never be desperate in life for anything because even if you get that thing out of desperation, it won't be as enjoyable. I was 23 when I lost my virginity and I wasn't one bit ashamed of the fact that I had never even kissed a guy before that! When I met my bf, I could have easily slept with him within the first two weeks but I still told him that I want to be sure about it and he was understanding. When I finally gave it up after 2 months, it was when I really started falling for him and I will always cherish that memory throughout my life. So concentrate on building your career. Hone your talents. This will build your confidence.

Secondly, you don't have to hang out with this 'best friend' of yours because apparently she's not a good friend. If she had feelings for him she should have come clean to you when you told her about your liking for this guy. But she took advantage of the information that you gave her to be the first one to make the move on the guy. I would sever the friendship.

Thirdly, if she is with him just for the sake of competition then it is quite possible that things won't work out between them. But I would personally not wait and just move on with my life. Trust me you will have great things coming your way if you just focus on yourself.

Best of luck! :)

17 going on 18, what is wrong with being a virgin? Keep it for when you find someone who really cares about you. At your age there are no men, only boys. They don't fully mature till their late 20's early 30's (if ever ;). Sex and love are not the same thing. The big mystery of sex is not all that great and if you just give it to someone for the sake of not being a virgin you will be disappointed greatly. Wait for someone who loves you, then sex means so much more. Annoying to hear but Mom's right on this one. It was not so long ago that I was in the same boat. I'm 32 now. I never thought anyone would love me. It was not until I started to like who I was and not care about what other people thought about me that people started to be attracted to me. When I gave up on looking for someone else to make me feel loved, happy, and less lonely and started to like myself that I found my husband. In his words what drew him to me was my confidence. As for your friend. Tell her how you feel without accusing, be honest, be open. Yeah what happened was rough, but it might not have been a personal attack. How she responds will prove to you whether she is a true friend or not and if she's not a true friend, keep walking. Friends who don't care about your feelings are not friends. Sometimes you have to move on and find someone else. Best wishes. Be well.

We are in the same exact boat, except for the friend part. I choose my friends carefully and they would not do something like that to me. And I'm proud to be a virgin , there's nothing wrong with that.

There is nothing wrong with being a virgin at your age. :( You have the rest of your life to find the right person. So don't rush into things.<br />
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Surround yourself with people of both sexes who support you and are good friends to you. Develop your friendships and focus on your studies. Everything else will come afterward. I know these things are easier said than done, but you won't ever regret shifting your focus.

You know you might want to redefine what you consider a friend...

I know but if I loose her I loose all my friends, I know I sound so perthetic but I met all my friends through her, I'm sure ill move on and find someone else:)

That sounds EXACTLY like my current girlfriend... She believes she is ugly and is worried about losing her only female "friend" since she is a tomboy and has a few guy friends. I feel bad for her since I know she wants to talk about things she can't talk to her guy friends about (probably including stuff about me so she can't talk to me about them) I don't know what I can do for her especially since she is more social than myself.

If all your other friends are going to drop you because you dropped their ring leader then as the poster above said, they just aren't good enough friends for you. You just need to navigate carefully and decide whether you want lots of bad friends or a few good friends.

I'm exactly the same! Apart from all my guy friends are her boyfriends best mates its such a complicated situation to be in, I find ,myself having to come on here to confide in people ( not that its a bad thing) just something I've never had to do

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I've found myself in that situation at the end there twice and it's so horrible... You must pull through and accept that at least for now this person is out of your reach. Maybe you should keep looking; I'm 110% sure that you're lovely and not ugly so just wait for the right person to come along - it'll happen. With regards to the sex thing, please don't for one second be ashamed of being a virgin, I hate this modern view that it's a bad thing. It's not everything - far from it.

Thank you so much!:)