I have been bullied for a long as I can remember. The earliest that I can fully remember was when I had just started Primary 1 and I was really scared about leaving my mum (even though I didn't particuarly like her) as she was a sense of security as I knew who she was and what she was like. Anyway, some of the kids thought I looked funny so they started to tease me about my hair, my face, my clothes and most of all my weight.

This kind of thing was almost daily for 7 years, then it started to get worse. The bullying got worse and all the girls and most of the boys would talk about me and when I walked into a class, would just start laughing. Even the perople I called friends would sometimes join in. I just felt ugly.

After years of all the bullying I had actually come to believe that what they said about me was true. I believed them when they said I was fat. That I was unloved. That I was a waste of the air. That I was ugly. I haven't been bullied in a while but that doesn't mean that when I look in a mirror, that I don't see the person that they said I am. I am trying to get over what they did to me but I truly don't believe it when someone says that I'm not ugly.
I will get there, but it will be a long journey.

People have got to start understanding just what bullying can do to a person's life. Your words can cut deeper than a knife if that's what you want them to do.
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amy, you are beautiful. idc what people say. look in the mirror hun, you are gorgeous. those people at school where ******* ******. i have met only few beautiful people who are not selfish, greedy, cruel. You are one of those people.

and you are another :)

if ye say so :/

i do say so, sooooo there :)


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