I dislike myself so far. Everyone else who doesn't have an ounce of respect for me does, too. I'm ugly.
I have a naturally ugly face, I have my dad's oily scalp, I have acne, yellow & crooked teeth, an overbite, stupid hair, I'm somewhat overweight, and everything else that is negative. I feel like I don't belong in anyone's lives. I look at all the people who are so much better than me. They are all so happy and handsome and beautiful. And then I wonder why I was born so pitifully insignificant. My existence is an accident. I'm the youngest and 13 years apart from the second youngest. My parents say I was a "surprise" but I don't believe that. When I was 5, an older kid said I was ugly. He just flat-out expressed his opinion of me. At least he's honest. People call me a nerd, but I'm classified below that. It's heck maintaining a C in math. Some of the things I like are singing and music. If I sang, though, I'd get insulted even more frequently. None of my friends really like music, so I can't talk about that. One of my most favorite songs is "Everything You Want" by Vertical Horizon. It really means something to me. But no one cares, so I might as well shut up. If you really spent your time reading this, thank you
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My dear (please allow me), after reading your piece it felt as thou' you were right in front of me and I wished I could somehow take all your pain away. I am not sure how old you are but you sounded mature enough to understand what I am about to say.
Honey if you feel that no one loves or like you, your reality will continue to create more of that. What would be helpful is to love yourself so others can see your true light. what you think mostly about is what you create. Start creating a confident you and a happy you and this will become your reality.
Everyone is tormented by something in their lives dear, no matter how happy they seem on the outside. We are all doing time. Everything you want to see in your life is already there. All you have to do is really know that, be thankful for it and it will come to be.
Look up
It's a book called the The Game of Life and How to Play It

I feel the exact same, I am ugly and I'm fat. I have had many people point it out to me, and I completely agree. I try my best not to look at myself in the mirror and hide away from cameras and stuff. I love music, but my friends don't really care for it. The song in wich has inspired me the most, is 'Skin' By Sixx:a.m. I'm sorry if this comment is just a piece of rubbish, and if you read it, thank YOU. :)