I Just Can't Help Feeling Like This

All my life I never saw myself as beautiful. I always thought that I was too fat while others saw me as the thinnest person they know. I was called fat from time to time in my life. Feeling beautiful is a challenge to me. I just see so many imperfections. I hate looking at the mirror. I hate looking at myself actually. No one knows that I feel this way (except of course anyone reading this thing). They think I never felt imperfect. I hate lying to my friends but I just cant seem to bring myself to tell them what I reaally feel about ME
CandyofSadness CandyofSadness
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This is life, it's cruel and ****** and none gets out of it alive.
I always hated my own looks and believe me, I still do though, even if I hate my own looks there's hopefully someone else who likes it.

I promise you, there's a lot of people who find you hot, pretty, cute, sexy and attractive. Do not doubt that the slightest. So even if you don't like your own looks, others will guaranteed.

I am on your side, I hope you get on better terms with your own looks.
I'm here if you want to talk.. though, I rarely go on EP.

Hi Awesome, I know how you feel....if just one person in all your life called you a mean name 22 years ago and 100 call you pretty all the time, it can still be very hard to believe the 100...this is simply a bad thinking habit some people have (like me) and needs to be changed. For starters, can you look at the mirror and find 1 or 2 things you really like? Start with that and remember that people are all different and some like this, some like that. Some men prefer skinny girls and some don't, just like Bbwlover42 says. There is not one person on Earth that everyone thinks is beautiful or handsome! Not even Channing Tatum lol...so work on being the best you can be....and maybe start a collection of those crazy bunnies you have in your profile :D they are funny

Well first it only matters what you think about yourself. Also fat girls can look very attractive I personally like big women there's just more of them. if you look at some of the forums there is actually a 467 pound 15 year old that is going for 600 and then to be immobile just because she likes the way it feels. I just want to lose myself in her folds of fat!!!! My advice: do what you want. If you like being fat get fatter! Or if you like to indulge do it. Want to lose weight try some weight loss programs. I recommend to try to get fatter say 250+