I'm not sure if i'm ugly or pretty. I mean, I was born with a misplaced jaw and an eye smaller than the other one. I am smaller than the other girls in my school, but my weight is ok. In the last years, I managed to get professional help for my jaw, but my eye still bothers me. The good stuff? I'm tanned, I have a beautiful smile and a curvy body. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and say "Ugh! So ugly!" and there are other times I say "I don't look that bad".
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I'm sure you're beautiful. And there is no reason to think you're ugly when you know you like parts about yourself. Stay beautiful. Xx

I know it sounds silly, but confidence is key. It's all about how you think of yourself.
If you love yourself and are confident then it shouldn't matter what anybody thinks.
You are your biggest critic.