You're Ugly.

Since I was little I've been bullied for the way I look, and since then I've had social anxiety and no self esteem. I hate myself so much and the way I look. I hate people looking at my face. I'm the ugliest person ever. I used to cry and stay indoors every day because I was too scared to leave the house.Nice clothes and make up do nothing for me, I'm a lost cause. I do my best to be a nice person but I feel like people judge me based on my looks and don't even give me a chance. Why can't I just look average.:( Words can hurt so much. I wonder if those people ever realized how much they affected me...
Blisseh Blisseh
18-21, F
4 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Most of us get bullied somehow growing up. If someone is different, people find ways of turning that against you, because that's how kids are: eager to define their social circles and put down those that aren't in it. People grow up and stop doing that eventually, but it's hard to make the scars go away.

You are stunningly pretty, though. Maybe when you were growing up you didn't look the way you do now, but your looks aren't your problem today. Try to let go of the baggage of your childhood and start your adult life not as the ugly girl you remember but as the beautiful woman you've become. From here on out it's all about your own attitude. Be the person you want to be.

you aren't ugly, quite pretty i think.

I completely understand the bullying and anxiety you have experienced. I also know that the reality of how one looks and how one feels about those looks can be galaxies apart. I know the opinion of a random stranger online means very little, but I want to try to counteract those [insert insulting expletive of your choice]. You are gorgeous. Your eyes (my God, your eyes!) are intensely blue and extremely emotive. Your skin is gorgeous. Your lips are perfect, even with that sad smile. Your nose is absolutely adorable. The shape of your face...Jeez, I have always been jealous of women that look like you. I live with two bullies, people that love me and make me feel like a great big cow pie half the time. Because I live with them, I've been able to figure out some of what makes them tick. The only way to validate their own flaws is to draw attention away from those flaws to the flaws of others, even if they have to invent something. Anything is a target. They can't stand being criticized, so they go on the offensive. It's a really horrible way to live. Bullies are insecure, so they want to make sure everyone else is so busy feeling insecure and horrible that those people won't notice how insecure and horrible the bully feels. I know it's completely cliche, but sometimes cliches are cliches for a reason: they're true.

You're right words do hurt. The best thing you can do is learn to use them in a good way in life. Those people that said you're ugly? They are the ugly ones. Don't listen to them you're beautiful. I'm not just saying it to say it, I can see your picture and you are beautiful. Don't change to fit those other people's definition of pretty. You already are and you don't need to try to impress others. Stay beautiful. Xx