The Most Unattractive Girl In The Room

I am unattractive. I know this despite every family member (they love me, what else are they supposed to say) telling me that I am beautiful. I know that I am unattractive because not once have I been hit on, asked out, approached by a man (sober or intoxicated). I am forever the third wheel. When everyone pairs up, I am always left out in the cold even when there is an unattached male in the vicinity. In school, there was a girls' choice dance. I asked seven boys. Seven. Not one accepted. Only one had the guts not to make a joke out of it. (I asked each one face to face, by the way). I don't wait for a man to approach me either. I continually put myself out there and continually face rejection. I've been trying online dating for almost a year. Not. One. Date. I guess I could have accepted the man who lived half way around the world and wanted me to be his mistress, or met up with the guys who only wanted random sex. Despite being unattractive, I still manage to have self respect. I'm not that desperate and lonely...yet.
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4 Responses Jan 15, 2013

very surprising, you certainly look pretty. maybe its your attitude? are you shy? at least you know that guys find you physically attractive if they want to have sex with you right? you've just got to work on developing your social and flirtation skills i guess. give off some sexy energy!

Thank you all for your responses. It means so much to hear the things you're saying (I have a really hard time opening up, especially to the people I'm closest to). I wish you all the best! :)

Is that your picture on the profile? Because whoever that is, I wish I looked like her! She is beautiful! Don't worry about online dating, it's pretty much only men after sex anyway (and women too lol) so it doesn't count. There is a reason they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" - there are many, many people who would find you beautiful. One of my best friends is absolutely gorgeous and men are always throwing themselves at her...and never at me lol... so I can understand your feelings...but you know, she is still single and no more happy than anyone else...the guys still just want her for sex.....And many guys are shy and don't always just hit on women...

i have the same thing with you when every one pairs up except of me, but I'm ok with it since i love to be alone. Anyway i don't think your ''unattractive'' from your picture, you are ''attractive'' but you don't find the right person. I hope you find your person someday that accepts not just your looks but for who you you are.

Respect :) x