How Do I Stop Feeling Ugly?

People feeling insecure about their looks has always been an issue, we unfairly compare ourselves with pop stars and models..

We let one person in our lives say something negative and we take it to heart for the rest of our lives..

It never matters if 20 people tell you, "you're beautiful" IT does not make you change, you assume they are just being nice.. right?

Oh it hurts, and to make matters worse, you don't trust your partner to think you are attractive and makes you worry if they will find someone better.

How do you change this? How to you stop feeling ugly?

1) Feeling Ugly is a Habit
You have trained your brain to believe you are ugly, through constant repetition. just like other bad habits, it has to be broken. No one can make you beautiful forever, you have to believe in yourself, and so by constantly reminding your self and redirecting the negativity, you can change.

2) Feeling ugly "makes you less attractive."
Brutal i know.. but when you feel ugly, how often do you want to dress "pretty"? how often do you want to wear nice clothes and dress up nicely?
Secondly, do you catch yourself arguing with people who call you attractive?" No im not, look at this, this and this..Thanks for the compliment but its okay."

Not only are you beautiful now, but you still have an amazing potential to reach because you might not be taking care of yourself.

3) Your personality is what makes you truly shine...
Men and women. Confidence and poise is so darn attractive! Not only do people just see it radiate off you, you attract the RIGHT kind of guy!!!

"Why doe she date jerks?" Because she feels that's the best she can get.
If she felt better about herself, and raised her standards.. she would be with the nice concerned man ;)

4) Steps to change"

a) Writing
Just like telling yourself you are ugly over and over again, you can break that habit by seeing the beauty in yourself with repetition.

Write a list of good qualities you have ( I know dig deep.)
Keep a Journal of the people and the nice things they have said to you.

Just having a constant reminder on paper, can help fight that negative feelings.. Its easier for the mind to dismiss the past if its just in your head.

b) Helping others
I dunno about you, but doing charity and writing to help others makes me feel great. It actually makes me value myself more and i feel more attractive. I think this would work for you too! Even if you see someone on EP that is down.. write them, tell them they are great!

c) pamper yourself
Girls, go to the spa treat yourself to a manny peddy (it's not a waste of money, its like self therapy) take a long relaxing bath

Men Go do some weights or sports.. man i feel great afterwards. it does wonders.. I mean I'm not saying go get buff, but playing ball really does wonders.

d) Working out..
I mean just going for a walk.. Scientifically proven to make you feel better in all sorts of ways. Think of it as sweating away the ugly and negativity.
But i would recommend going on a beautiful nature hike or run if you can, maybe go to the coast, anywhere that is nice and distracting from just moving one leg in front of the other.

5) Constancy

The world is a beautiful place, and their is beauty in everyone. You know its true because you do it for others all the time.

Just set goals and be consistent . There is no overnight change but there is change over time that will make you happier, and help you find a healthy relationship.

Thanks for reading,


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Jan 21, 2013