I understand that everybody is beautiful in their own ways, possible. But I don't believe I am at all considering my appearence. I get acne sometimes, and when I do, I beg to differ on my Skin. It's awful, I'm pale as a ghost during the Winter, which makes Acne stand out a solid bunch more. The bridge of my nose is curved inward, unlike everybody I know who has that straight bridged nose.. My smile is all wrong, I am missing two teeth, my upper laterals, and has to get braces for a year. I got them off, stuck with a tempory Retainer to keep the gaps from moving, then I got false teeth. My smile isn't curved at all. Just looked like I gave a kissy face showing my teeth.. My eyes were always a shade of grey, such a sickening color, then turned to a green, which shines a yellow in the sun. It's horrifying the way people stare at me. I just want to hide away in my room staring at a mirror counting every reason why I should stay inside and never face the cruel world. I have this little mole on the far right cheek. Oh it's a 'beauty mark' tell me more about how a largened freckle is beautiful. Tell more about how my eye lashes are long enough to literally BeAT somebody. (PunIntended) ;D I mean, My voice is bad enough, ever heard a Clarinet when somebody is chewing on razor blades.. Sounds like that. I studder majority of the time. I can't pronounce half the english language without sounding like an idiotic dialect confusion in a mess. It really bothers me how my hair is either pin straight or joining an afro business. I will literally stare at a mirror thinking I look half decent. Thenn, I read this FUNfat on Ifunny. Apparently you look 5x more attractive in the mirror than you really are in reality thanks to you brain. So I'm 5x more ugly. I'm ready for my application for the nearest ugly home . ._.
ArtsyJayde ArtsyJayde
13-15, F
Jan 22, 2013