I Don't Know.

Over the first years in elementary shool i had alot of friends. those years were perfect.
Now i'm 14. I'm in highschool. I came to realise i had only guy friends and was a jerk in the elementary school. Now im in a total reboot. im not a jerk, i don't have much friends,but what i really need is a female friend. I feel like a really ugly person.Especially when the girls look at me.I had alot of chances, but every girl i talked to got somehow bored,and i never really got to have a girl that would be my friend.Of course im not just ugly. im shy too. Whenever someone talks to me i feel like i can't find words. And then they ask: -What do you think? I say somethning,but i can't find words quick.
Theguythatisugly Theguythatisugly
Jan 23, 2013