Why Do They Do This...

Today i felt pretty cute with my outfit. I step outside feeling pretty confident and went to do some errands. I hopped on the bus and I get stared down as if they wanted to fight me but just waiting for me to throw the first swing or when walking down the street, transparent- bumping into me as if i was just a random moving object on the sidewalk. I heard kids snickering and laughing as i walk by saying "yoo shes mad ugly!"
Of course I ignore it, but it kind of hurts when you hear it alot. I'm not saying I am ugly because I am fat. That could be changed with weight loss [ i use to be super obese now im over weight] I am just physically ugly or my nickname in high school; butterface [but her face]. Kinda makes me sad as i type this... but I'll get over it eventually...eventually.
BobaTea BobaTea
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Thank you :) I am feeling better now. Its like why must you judge before you know me? When my situation occurs, sometimes the book "Wicked" comes to mind. Maybe I should work on my self confidence more so situations like these don't bother me as much.

And not tolerating people like that works too. :-) When you discover someone's a bully, turn around and walk away.
There are good people too, when having zero tolerance for mean people, it's easier to find the good people. :-)

I hope you do, because you deserve better, way better.
Those people are pathetic, I know how it feels, they think they can help 'natural selection' a hand, but that's BS.
They will never get their society with only heteronormative physically attractive people, but yet they keep trying to destroy us.

I'd say they're just extremely dumb, lead by their instincts and not their mind.