I Know

i know im ugly cos i heard my mom say it to her husband.i think she didnt know i was there when she said it.also she is not the only person to say it so it must be true,.i just glad my kids dont look nothing like me.
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3 Responses Jan 27, 2013

Okay, first off, you're mother is crude and disrespectful, look in the mirror, if you think your ugly, nobody else will find you attractive. If you believe you're beautiful, it'll make others think you are. Nobody is perfect, I know, but find the one thing about your features that stand out the most. My eyes do, I just highlight my eyes. Is it your smile? Wear a lip gloss, it'll make your smile noticed . Your hair? Do something frilly with it. Try something new [: But if people don't appreciate it, don't do anything for them. They're just jealous :D

Wow all I can say is, i'm with jeeney.

ur mom is the ugliest mom on earth if she said it.