My Words To Help Those

I know you don't know me, but I wish you did. If you did know me I would befriend you and make you wonderful as you truly are. I look at it this way. There is only one you in this world. One you , there is no other person who could be you. You may think negative about yourself, everyone goes through it, but you need to pick traits of yourself that you like. That you believe are unique and amazing. No one is perfect. Everyone has inperfections. That is life. Take me for example. I have very straight teeth but they are not crystal white like i want them to be. I don't let it affect me though. I then pick out the traits I like. I like my eyes. they are a amazing blue that made my husband notice me in the first place :o). I am extremely caring and will do anything for anyone. I am a twig though. I feel it is impossible for me to gain weight. The only time I did was in 07 after basic training for the army. Now I am skinny minni again.
What I am trying to say is no one can be you. No one can take away from your perfect traits and no one can ever take away you . Love yourself. Tell yourself your beautiful in and out. The most attractive person could be labeled as ugly because of their personality. remember that.
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1 Response Jan 30, 2013

very nice words you wrote. How do you make people wonderful though? Just curious

oops i meant make you feel wonderful lol. I know with my friends I never let them put themselves down. everyone is unique and amazing in there own ways.