Cruel People

I just don't understand how people can be so mean. I'd rather people talk about how I look behind my back, but in return treat me with kindness and respect, but that's not the case. Some people have the nerve to call me out for being ugly. >.< And the depressing part is, I kind of think so... My family has always pointed out I'm a handsome kid, but everytime I stare at myself in the mirror, I feel disappointed in my looks. Which is one of the reasons I don't show my face online.
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Looks are overrated. As long as your happy with who you are it doesnt matter.

I'm so sorry. They shouldn't say that stuff ever. Most of the time, they are jealous of you when they call you ugly. They just want to put you down. So they can make themselves feel better. Normally I would tell someone like that "it takes one to know one." They wouldn't be able to say much to that. Anyways, your super nice, and they should try to focus on that too.

If people go out of their way to call you "Ugly" then they're insecure about themselves. As long as you're you, you're always handsome, beautiful, whatever you want to call it. This sounds kind of corny, but looks don't matter, it's what you do and how you treat others that does.

IKR? Too bad the world isn't as smart as we'd have liked.

Yeah. Most kids our age are only focused on the opposite sex and what is "perfect" or "sexy". It's quite sad. I see so many girls literally putting themselves out there, and all these good guys are left in the dust for the ones that are more "attractive"

A human-eat-human world it is.

Quite. And then when they go out with those "attractive" guys, they end up breaking up not even a month later. It's sad because a friend of mine asked me last month "Are you two STILL going out?" that goes to show how little people actually know about each other before they date. They just think "He/She's hot so I want that." They just want sex and compliments. Especially at this age

Which is probably why I've never gotten a date, but people make fun of those who have never went out.

Most do. I used to be made fun of for being a virgin. But you'll find someone eventually. And that person will like you for you.

I'm proud of my virginity. ;) It's just a matter of how you lose it.

Indeed it is. I gave it to someone I knew for 5 years and am still with and have been with for 6 months (about). For a girl it's extremely important on who they lose it to. But most girls just lose it to lose it. A lot of guys do that too, but they don't have as much to lose, so they just do it with anyone :/

Would you like to be my friend? I noticed that your profile was blocked. (Why do I feel guilty about blocked profiles even though it has nothing to do with me?)

That's a good thing. Sex at your age and mine, are quite stressful

And Frostfang, who were you talking to?


Lol I'm too hungry

So am I! XD Ive been craving food all day! Is this normal?

Yup! I ate food all day yesterday. It was yummy~

I'm thinking about it. But I'd have to make it on the mouth is watering....yeah Imma eat

Then you should eat. I love eating :3

Ooh... I'd grab something... But it's hard to move right now...

Same, but I never feel fat

Yeah me neither. I believe being single doesnt mean youre weak. It means youre strong enough to wait for what you deserve

Maybe idk i sometimes feel like eating meat. I dont eat much though i just eat to survive

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Yea I do the same thing but idc wht people think of me but even wen some1 says I am beautiful on here when I look in the miror I see the total opposite same in a picture I always seem to down myself no mater what