Weight ..

I'm 14, 5'8, and I weigh 142 pounds.
That's heavy right?
I mean, it's not like I'm a couch potato.
I play a sport every season.. Sometimes 2 or 3 a season, more than my friends..
Yet I'm bigger than all of them. Now I know, muscle weighs more than fat, yeah, but I just don't understand why my thighs are so huge, and I have a belly, while some people don't do anything and they have a thigh gap and a concave stomach.
Guys that are the same height as me, weigh less than me, & I lie about my weight to them. I mean, who wants to date a girl that weighs more than them?
I just don't understand how I'm so active, yet I think I look way overweight..
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Feb 10, 2013