I've read some of the stories on here and it breaks my heart. I know people can be cruel, but some things I've read has been unbelievable.

I want to say that I joined this experience because of how I feel for myself. My constant trouble with the face I see in the mirror has been around my whole life.

So this is my story:

I've always been told I was pretty. People would walk up to my Mom and while I was with her and say it.

I would be so upset when this happened and my Mom never understood. The truth was I thought if I was so pretty why did I never have a boyfriend? I never did really. I didn't date.

No one ever wanted to date me.

No one ever asked.

The phone rarely rang.

I went through a very awkward stage and yes I had glasses. I got contacts in the 9th grade and I felt better but still no one paid attention to me much.

A woman once told my Mom that when I grew into my looks I would be stunning.

I finally did in my 20's, but I still have received no attention.

Guys just don't approach. Sometimes they look but they never approach me.

I am the outcast. A girl completely confused in a world that tells me I'm attractive but is alone. I never understood it and I still don't.

I dye my hair blonde, I tan at the tanning bed, but it never changes.

Now I'm overweight and I have felt how the other half lived. No one is rude to me, but I feel even more invisible then I ever have. I think that is so sad. It's my body, but yet it's like everyone thinks they have a right to it.


I'm 31 now and the weight I have gained I can lose. The truth is now and I want everyone to know this: it doesn't matter what the hell anyone thinks of you.

Regardless of what you believe in, the world is going to keep turning and we're all going to reach that moment at the end of our lives, and the people that loved us the most, that saw each of us for who WE ARE, not WHAT WE ARE, will be there.

I'm sick of the competition. I'm sick of trying to be what people think I should be.

I'm me, fat or thin, ugly or pretty, I'm me, and if someone doesn't like it, there's the door.

In the end, there are people who are not going to like you, there are people who are going to think you're ugly, there are people who are going to think you're fat, too thin, etc., truth is there are people who you won't be able to please, and really who gives a damn?

Karma is full circle and you'll find the people who hurt you so will get theirs. In this life or the next. Life will take care of them, so we need to take care of ours. The best revenge is success.

Some of the most influential people in the world may not have been beautiful by society's standards, but THEY MADE THEIR MARK ON THE WORLD........and so can you....

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And your profile picture is stunning so I don't see how anyone could call you ugly xx

That is so beautiful, it made me cry x<br />
Well done you, you should be proud of yourself xx

I am confused. I thought this was supposed to be a site for ugly people?

I wish I could be that strong to just say **** it theres the door but I need to be loved so badly.

yes, i think there's a saying along the lines of 'you can please some of the people all of the time or all of the people, some of the time but never all of them, all of the time'.<br />
<br />
i've been wondering a bit lately as to why we grow up believing relationships are to do with our prettiness or external attractiveness rather than who we are and how we bring out the best in each other. we weren't hit with advertising that led us to believe that so can't blame that for my era. one of my mum's mates said he got to 60 before he realised it wasn't relevant to a good relationship. <br />
<br />
a physically gorgeous & gorgeous spirited friend of mine in her 20s hasn't had a boyfriend. she has lots of attention but says 'hey, everyone has their issues, mine are around relationships'. she's choosing to read lots of relationship books and is working up to going on a date and just experiencing the discomfort, hoping it'll ease.<br />
<br />
i remember when we were kids, a cousin asked me why my best friend always had boyfriends and i didn't as i was supposedly 'prettier' than her. i understood why and said to her that anyone would want to hang out with my friend as she's great. she's still great too:) i wasn't really comfortable with myself so couldn't be relaxed around someone else. i wanted a boyfriend too but would have freaked really if i'd have had any attention. <br />
<br />
my ex-boyfriend thought i was attractive until we started having issues, then he managed to point out my every physical flaw quite regularly. i quite like myself and my flaws these days so while it still bothered me hearing it, i realised it was to do with how he was feeling, not me so didn't blame him for what he was saying.<br />
<br />
my beloved tells me he loves every lump and bump on me as they're part of me. we've got plenty of other stuff to work on so thankfully, that's not another of them.<br />
<br />
best wishes to you for feeling great, confident and comfortable to go out with your friends again. hope you enjoy feeling healthier and fitter with your weight loss and don't try to deprive yourself. so many fabulously healthy food websites. i so adore quality, healthy food. yum. wouldn't be a breatharian for quids:)<br />
<br />
i say beauty is in the eye of the beholder so let's hold our own unique internal and external beauty, bless our flubbily bits & we can celebrate other great stuff.

Oh I know...I didn't either. =) I'm just kind of direct. Funny I can't seem to find a man that knows how to be.

yes I understand that I didnt mean It badly though.<br />
<br />
<br />

teddypompom it's not about others, it's about how I feel.

you should be proud ! dont worry about others ! :)

Thanks, ducksinarow.

you look really cute in your pic

People can only put you in a corner if you let them. Does it really matter what people think? I understand that when you feel badly about yourself that it definitely makes a difference, but you cannot let that stop you from trying to succeed or find love. I'm overweight and I have let that stop me. I don't go out with friends any more because of it. It's lonely and I'm getting to the point where it's my body and only I am responsible for it. I'm so tired of having other people's opinions affect who I am or what I do. You know what gifts you have, use them and don't let anyone stop you. As for success I can think of 2: Bill Gates and Donald Trump =). Bubbleyum10, people can say many mean things, but it can only affect you if you give it permission. Stand tall and believe in yourself and don't let ANYONE put you in a corner!!

That was very awesome and very true!

'The best revenge is success'<br />
<br />
I want to move on and start enjoying life again. Can't let people dictate the way I feel about myself. Have to put a lid on all this negativity....<br />
<br />
So at the moment, I am in the process of trying to grow thicker skin. Hopfully by then, I'll be able to meet more like minded people such as yourself!