I never really thought of myself as ugly, just not pretty. Until one day a few months ago. During 4th grade through 8th grade, I had been going through my awkward phase, and in 9th grade I finally was comfortable with my appearance. One day I was walking to my next class (at my school classes are in different buildings so you have to walk outside to get to them) and three senior guys were sitting on a bench. As I walked past, one of the guys whistled and said "She's ugly" to his friends. I wasn't supposed to hear it but I did, and I looked that them for a second, but didn't acknowledge that I had heard them. Those two words hurt me a lot, especially since I was finally making efforts to look attractive (although I still don't wear make-up, I dressed nicer, did my hair, etc.) Even now I think about that moment and feel ugly. I know that I shouldn't take the comment personally or even care about it, but inside, every once in a while I think about it and wish I was pretty. Not just average-looking...
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Teen boys can be such dorks. It angers me when their sophmoric lack of good sense overcomes all else. Please consider the source and ignore them. Wish my words could make you feel all better. Please be strong, walk past them without a glance and enjoy your life. Best wishes.

I'm not gonna do what some other people have done and maybe it makes me a bad person....but I'm not going to say, No way, youre pretty, theres no such thing as ugly! because I know that I'm not really attractive and maybe you aren't perfect either. But those guys were being stupid and mean and it doesn't matter even if you had a horseshoe mustache and and ears that could reach out to your shoulders. I've seen people stare and even make comments when they don't think I can hear but they've always looked back at me and I just look them in the eyes and they know, and I don't look mad or sad or anything because I know how people are and you didn't deserve that and no matter how mean people are, we know that people are more than however pretty or ugly they are. Well, good luck and I hope you know how pretty you are, and that some people like those guys are just arseholes.

I can't believe how cruel people can be. I really don't think there is such a thing as 'ugly'. I think people that carry themselves with confidence and take pride in who they are are extremely attractive. Personally I find people that are considered pretty to be really ugly if they are unpleasant and self-serving individuals.

Just remember that high school is horrible for everyone who isn't one of the golden children. I hated high school. I was a painfully shy book worm, just so I wouldn't have to deal with anyone...not to say that I didn't enjoy the was my haven. It was the drug I took to escape the hopeless world around me. But the truth is, now I'm in grad school...the only one in my class to go beyond a Bachelor's degree...and I like who I am. Without having those experiences, I wouldn't be the strong, willful person that I am today. And the truth is that those guys will be jerks forever, but you can grow to be anything you want. That makes you more powerful that they can ever be. So don't let commetns like that bug you, let them roll off. Don't waste your evergy on it. Its part of how I got me, it works. And on the bright side...high school is only four years.

if these ******** had said She looks smart by the same logic you semm to be using would you ahve gone into university and got your PHD? If what others say are what defines your personal beliefs about who and what you are then why don;t you try listening to what else people say- like your cool or quiet or you draw well or whatever- maybe your too focused on physical looks and then maybe it would be a good idea to ask yourself why. Why are you hung up on looks? how do you feel about those you see who are ügly"also? what is attractive to you? Or rely on some others to tell you what you think and end up a nobody. Because this world and the people in it will be competeing with you for a bit of the sunshine all your life.

F*** them!!! What do they know? It doesn't really matter what 2 a**holes said? They were probably just jealous they could never have you. I bet you are a beautiful person and if not on the outside, then on the inside for not kicking their balls...LOL

My 15 year old daughter had the same thing happen to her. I was so upset that someone would dare say something mean to one of my beautiful babies, I was speechless! My daughter is 5'9", long blond wavy hair, a little acne damage on her skin, but not bad. She is anything but ugly! Fortunately, my husband had the presence of mind to explain to her that the "icky" boys who can't find quality girlfriends say things like that to girls, hoping that the girls will lower their standard and consider going out with the "icky" boys. It's totallly an attack on your self esteem. Don't let those jerks win!

I'm sure you are not ugly. Don't listen or care about what those stupid ignorant fools are saying; they say that just like the fox says that the grapes he cannot reach are sour [Chinese aphorism, i think, maybe 'tis international]. You are beautiful! Just like some people are bastards and others are dictators, you are beautiful. Can you spell that? B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!! :D *hug*