I've always hated how I look. All the good looking people get to experience the best in life...I've always wanted to be a model, but it makes me sad thinking about it, because I know I'll never be one.

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you're not UGLY.. you're just saying that because you have lack of have a low point of view to yourself..<br />
I'm telling you girl, you are one of the beautiful creation of God. ^_^

i'm sure YOU can find every flaw when you look at yourself in the mirror....but we tend to forget that when we look at others we're not determined to find their flaws, its only when we look at ourselves. and as i look at your avatar, i see nothing wrong with your appearance.

One or two words - bull ****. If you want to be a model you can. Don't come across with the pity me type ****. Whatever youwant is attainable. I tmight take some work but it is there if you want it. Go for it. When You are a model and making a million a year send me some of your loot. thanks.

behemoth- Yeah, that's me....heh, well I do, I just don't think I match up to all the really pretty people out there...<br />
<br />
the only- buttt I kinda don't have real "friends"...being in homeschool and all =/