The first thoughts I think everymorning. I hate going out. The only way I ever go into the mall or any other place is if it's early when they're first opening. I hate to see boys look at me and jerk their heads off. It's as if i'm going to approach them and they don't want any eye contact. I have no TRUE friends. Depressed-all of the time. I know if I lose weight i'll look better, but, it's easier said than done. It's not like I can just lose 40lbs in a month. These are just my thoguhts..lol i'm probably the only one who's this screwed up. I just had to let it out...Thank you for reading it.

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Oh my god I feel exactly the same way I'm still in high school and everyone else is so slim and pretty and sociable and than there's me 😓😭

i feel the same way

Omg I'm going through the same thing right now. I'm 14 years old ugly and fat. Always depressed. I have NO friends boys wont even sit next to me. I'm trying to lose weight.... SO HARD

I feel the same way. I feel so stucked in this life. I'm ugly, nobody likes me. I don't dress up like other girls, or do what they do. However, guys don't like me. And the two guys that I was recently into, one is dating my co-worker, and the other guy simply ignored me. I've never felt pretty in life, never.
And I have no true friends, and that really sucks, because I feel so lonely.

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Being a 34 year old, and overweight man my thoughts are thus, first if you know your overweight don't try to go out of your league, I dated a women for 3ish years who was about the same size as me. Also I do and don't get on myself about it. I should lose weight but studies show its a ***** to lose. You have to work your *** off, not easy when you worry or stress about what the opposite sex thinks of you. Maybe the bigger thing I find is people who think they are entitled to the best looking partner when they are not "up to par" if your a fat, scruffy, unwashed dude your not going to be dating no supermodel, same with women. Trust your instincts, usually they are dead on, like I don't date no models myself. Also looks become less important as one grows older, maybe someone a bit more mature might not give a **** if your packing a few extra pounds. I read some women here think 130ish is heavy?!? My last GF was 200ish and I still loved her, but she compared herself to some impish reject from Transalvania, get over yourself your emotional baggage is the worst enemy you have, the sooner you at least accept who you are the more likely you are to attract the right person. And above all don't just settle for ANYONE that is the singular best way to get someone who will hurt you, trust me I know!

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Same here my friend, people around me was kind but some times they get all jerky and say that i was fat, i know I'm chubby and has 50kg of weight i am 12 years old and all the people around me was all skinny and preety! I know im a little bit of a boyish type but it's who i am!! I wanted to be like others who enjoy how they look and wear what they want to wear cause everything they wear fits perfectly for them!! I wanted to be some body, a girl whose confident with her body and fits every thing she want yo wear! I wanna be a girl whose preety without make up like the girls in our school!! I want to have a nice hair Like every body in the school! Because now a days its how you look out side is what they respect and judge. if your beautiful or preety they respect you and when your all ugly and fat? They might have jerked you off.

I am currently going through the same thing. I just watch tv all,day and eat unhealthy food, don't like being out in public because I now i havr no clothes,to wear and I'm over weight. It feels like a vicious cycle.

Your not the only one dear. I found your post because I typed in a search for sites for old ugly fat women. Just wanting to txt or chat with someone.

lol oh my! lol

I do feel same
I have no friends
Even if I get one , it won't last long
She just uses me for her exam sake , when she is done , she will abandon me ,
I look ugly,fat,short, scare in my face , low hair density, everything ., I pray god , actually I beg god every minute to show one true friend , I don't care whether its he or she , I don't care about her or his appearance, I'm longing to show a true selfless caring attitude of mine to one true friend, but the ultimate deity turns deaf ears to my begging s
Sometimes I even thought to end my life but my parents need me
Why am I fated like this
The lonely ness. Hunts me each and every minute

Help me

Don't be sad. :)

God I feel the same I am so fukin ugly and fat I can't stop eating though I keep saying I'm going to lose weight but I can't I put on the 13kg I lost and can't fit any of my clothes so I wear sloopy track pants and **** that doesn't express me I feel so depressed and gross my hair is disgusting cuz I shaved half of it thinking id look like this pretty girl on Pinterest...my face is disgusting I don't suit anything the father I get the worse I look because I'm so short my face is small people keep talking and making comments about my chubby legs and how I look like a was squshed by a hammer ?? Wow thx really .I don't even like life in the first place this just makes things a hundred times worse I fukin hate everything why are others so gifted born with beauty and can eat **** without getting fat. I'm not even going to mention guys I hate myself so much I really just want to cut my face off I want to fukin blow up ****.I'm 4ft11 and 62kg used to be 49kg 19yrs old .I hattteee when skinny pretty girls say I'm so ugly. Fuckkkinnn hellll

I feel exactly the same, u feel .. I've lost 38kgs but regained also. Everybody makes fun of me. In kitty party or shop corner people talks about me, "how fat she is". Even my boyfriend lost interest in me. He feel ashame to introduce me as her girlfriend & to take me in public places. It really hurts. I've tried again to loose weight but this time I failed to do.

at least you brought out his true colours .ik ppl judge u just cuz of ur fukin size like wow how shallow and you can always lose it and they can kiss your fuukinn *** .

they are not suffering .. Sufferer is me only. But now it's time to change again. & show them never underestimate or criticize other weakness, nobody is perfect. If anyone decided to do something they can do. Now I will work hard not only for them but for me.. I wanna wear fashionable and sexy clothes.

I do agree with u

Beauty is not the way how you look
Its in they how you feel

Dear.. Try something to maintain or loose weight. If you will lose 15kg only, You will look fab and also you will feel fit, healthy and beautiful. You are not overweighted but if you will not do anything now your weight may increase also and that will difficult for you to loose. U are only 19. Your good days are waiting for you. Put some effort And this time finally do something. I've suffered that's why Am telling you. It's better to loose 15kg than 30kg.. Don't take me otherwise... Be happy :)

thank you and that is true

It's going to be OK

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I can understand this feeling very well.. I'm also facing such things. I have so many insecurities because of my fat and ugly look. I feel uncomfortable to meet people, even to go public places.i feel everyone is better than me. I don't like anything about me. I lost my eight also but now regained my weight again. This feeling is horrible.. But I didn't loose my hope... I will try my best to I overcome my insecurities once again...

I'll try do the same.

I feel exactly the same I'm 20 years old and have always been fat or so I fort. When I wad in school I used to think I was fat when infact I wasn't but because of the comfort eating I now am fat and feel like **** constantly. I carnt help but wish that a skinny girl would just step out from inside me. I lost all my friends when I was 15 because of the fact that I fort I was fat and they all had great body's . Being fat is killing mw

I feel the same way. Im 47 and it's like I wrote this the friends I grew up with were never really my friends in the end. I move to another state 15yrs ago still no friends fatter than ever spend all day with my pets, they are all I have. Life sucks but what can u do?

It's like I'm the one who wrote those words ,I totally feel how you do😧😳

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I was like this last year, people always said how fat I was and that I was always so ugly. I got depressed for 2 month and I only ate half a meal for the entire day. Finally I lost so much weight people started complementing me. But this year I have gained all the weight agian and I feel aso I might be slipping into depression again. I'm only 12

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How did you loose your weight
I'm 13 and I'm so insecure I think I'm fat and ugly and nothing fits me perfectly everything is 2big or 2small I just really hate myself

And clothes only look good on fukin skinny boney people fuckkkkk life I want to wear their ******* blood and guts

Aren't people so nasty the pain they put you threw and it sucks how the biggest effort we make is always due to others I hate people so much why can't the all just fukin blow up inside I wishh

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ive been feeling the exact same way trying to loose weight but everything fails. I recently weighed myself and now just hate myself more. I have so many problems physical and mental. I got caught self harming and now I'm sent to therapy. The world sucks I want to die everyday. I think I say "I want to kill myself" at least 10 times a day. No one really understands. When I try to talk to someone they push me away and I just feel like utter ****. Ha but gotta keep that smile on :) :(


You can't relie on people but you can use them to release your pain standing them playing with their head robbing them their fukin money wipe the smile off their face so you can wear your smile of pure joy. C:

Im short fat ugly and old hun there will be a true friend out there hun but ii have had more trouble finding an honest man

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Men are **** they follow looks not their hearts dicka I should say they always want chics out of there legue even if they look and act like scum .girls are so kind the prettiest kindest girls will fall for a slob worthless man and that rarely happens in reverse.they want ******* fictional angels chop their fukin dicks off and throw your heart away

Seems like a lot of guys hurt you, or something that makes you hate them. I'm a guy, and appearance means nothing to me. I prefer my ladies with a brain.I stay single, when I fall in love with someone it's really hard during a breakup. I still think about my ex from three years ago. I wish I could find these good women on here.

I know this is an old post but I feel like I had to add a comment too. I know the feeling. I thought the bullying had ended when I left school but being overweight and for me, being a minority, the struggles continue. I have an issue with men being disrespectful towards me because I am overweight and sadly I am cursed twice as they say, because I am not the right race so I also experience racism. When people are rude to me, I cant even tell where its coming from (shallowness or racism). I am reminded everyday that I am not good enough and I can't try to stand up to absolutely everyone who is rude to me because not only would that be tiring, but it would be every second person I meet. Its horrible being started at (with a frown on their face) and not knowing how I could change that and what I've done wrong. I am currently on a weight loss journey but I will never forget who was awful to me. I feel bitter already and I am beginning to hate people. Sorry if this is negative. My best advice is do you and be the best that you can be and don't do it for anybody else. I am losing weight for myself, I hate the way I look, not based on other people. If you want to lose weight, it does take time, unfortunately. If you don't, there's nothing wrong with that as long as you can be happy with your body and who you are. I know I can't be, which is why I am on a weight loss journey. Hope things are better now for you this year.

You are so intelligent and strong I hate how people judge you for your fkin appearance it doesn't make you who you fkin are I wish asholes didn't have eyes not that I think they deserve to experience you in another light no **** deserves to belon to you people are nasty I never know why the feel there opinions are necessary especially when they are horrible immature acts and put downs ******* burn there eyes bugs can eat them stupid stupid you have more Brains you are so so strong to still be so polite and kind even after all the shyt they throw at you .your post brought me to tears. Thank u I wish you a better peaceful future.

Thank you so much for your reply! hat means a lot to me! All the best to you! :)

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Stop being depressed about your body! The way your physical form looks like is of no concern to anyone but you. Be comfortable in your own skin, because you will enjoy yourself most happy. Do what makes YOU happy, not everyone else. If you really want to loose weight, then find something that you like to do- like dancing, for example, and enjoy yourself. There is no point to wasting your time doing something you don't want to do if it's only to please people who don't care about you.

Honestly its easier said then done especially when you look in the mirror and want to tear ur flesh off .opening your closet all those nice clothes you can no longer wear so you reside to some ugly unflattering baggy clothing.and are repeaditly filled with the insults you have had in the past and present. It's just so hard to move on

Hi depressed one. Those that are responsible for you being here are the center of your life and you are the result of their efforts. Those are God, your parents, any concerned adults and your children. The first thing that happened to you were the creation of your spirit, then your parents got together and as a result your mother nourished and nurtured your body in her for nine months, after which the doctor delivered you inside your freshly grown body that God gave you nine months before. Now that you are here among the rest of mankind, it is your responsibility to upkeep the home that you will have until God calls you back to be judged and found worthy or not to be with Him in His Kingdom. Now that you are here amongst the living, you have to manage and take care of your home, your dwelling place for the next 50, 60, 70, 80 years or so, depending how you maintain it's parts and functions. Remember, we only have one body, that's it!
There are no replacements, and repairs are just too expensive for us to afford on our measly income. So my friend, the thing to do is to be conservative in all our actions and movements. Eat only what will prolong life, without excessive wants and desires, our body is the gift of God to us, we should not over indulge in anything not needed because that would be taking advantage of the blessing that our Heavenly Father gave us, that is ugly, and God does not like ugly. Do only what is right in God's sight and try not to give into needless desires that will cause any change in the home that you are in. Do not think excessively , that drains your mind and causes confusion, do not dress excessively, that causes others to look at you as being a showoff, and a base introvert, do not eat excessively because that is a big sin called glutteny , and that is ugly in God's sight, do not adore and over adorn your home with unnecessary accouterments because that is called the sin of idol worship and self praise, and that too is ugly. Love yourself and love life and be happy with what you have and try not to overindulge in anything that will place God second in your life. I love you as you are in sprit, but please think not to block your beautiful spirit with too much attention on the body. You are a beautiful person, do not let the love of the flesh and it's too strong desires come between you and the love of the Father, your other family members in the spirit and the goals that you have to accomplish regarding the love of those that will depend on your being happy, healthy, wealthy in mind, body and spirit. You have a job to do in this life my dear, do not allow anything to hinder you from doing the job that God has put you here for. Satan will do anything to cause us stress and not be able to do our God given obligations, hindering us through our bodies is just one of those devices that he will and can use against our Father and to cause us stress and not be able to perform as needed for the rest of our family in the Church, the body of Christ. May you love long, live long and healthy, and prosper greatly in Jesus's name.

I'm almost 20 years old and I've felt this way through my entire teenage years and still do. It's gotten to the point where I have no social life whatsoever and I lost all my friends because I push people away, I hate going out because I feel too ugly and fat to be seen, I don't enjoy anything and I'm no fun to be with, I was diagnosed with severe depression and an eating disorder. I constantly feel worthless and like no one will ever love me, even when a guy shows interest I just can't let myself be with them. I feel like I'm so ugly, fat, and unattractive I don't deserve anyone. I somehow graduated high school after almost dropping out and ever since I eventually quit everything I start and feel like a total failure.....people often say things like "you're beautiful and perfect just the way you are", "stop hating yourself" or "don't be so hard on yourself" but I can't just snap out of it. Self hatred consumes me and these thoughts won't leave my head. This has completely taken over my life, I've self harmed and attempted suicide in the past and I wish I could just disappear. To anyone else out there who is struggling you're not alone and I pray that one day we will find happiness

Thx Emily I hope that too

Not everybody has an amazing metabolism,you know. Some people like you and me can gain weight at least 1 kg a day if we eat like those who have good metabolism. I am 160 cm and 58 kg,so don't worry...there is still a lot people like you,like us,who is not size 0. Well,there is no ugly girls.every girl is beautiful,it takes the right person to see it(i take this quote from internet) don't worry i'm an outcast for most of the girl atmy school,but i have a lot of guy friend. Probably because there is less drama with them. Treat your body right girl. If you are feeling too depressed already,try to pray. Whatever your religion was praying always makes everything better. Go on your life and i believe if you are strong enough to take all of your problems,so keep it up. God bless you and have a nice holiday~

Hi, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Malaysia. I know this is old statement but I wanna share my because I have same problem. Sorry if my english too bad. Bwt, I have a same problem like you since high school when I was 15, I gain my weight and ate problem at the same time I in All-Girl high school, so I have no male friend. I'm not so social,timid,shy,slow but I'm so easy to make friend because my mother told me that I should be nice to everyone. But then, when I was in 16-17, I took art art class and my other friend take science class and accounting class.We were seperated for moment and when I greed her nice as usual I do to other my friend, she start to keep away from me and say I'm not her friends anymore and she think I'm stupid and not her standard if I still be friend of her (because she took science class) . I felt rejected,betrayed and depressed at the same time and lonely. I had no confidence to have friend, so I decide to drawing a cartoon or anime for release my tension and learn to use a software like photoshop to draw using graphic tablet. Then I got a few true friend that had a sort talent like singing and acting. They were had a same problem like me, being rejected, ugly, fat and always get bullied. We always together, help each other even we are not smart like other people in school until I graduated but we still contact each other in Whatsapp. When I was in 18-19, I lost my weight to 80kg to 56kg. I continue to study in college. I took a IT course to prove that I can do better in computer programming and this is my first experince to have a male friend. I got good pointer and spend night to study, I'm slowly gaining my weight. Im also famous of my straight-forward, furious, angry to my friend (because betrayed friendship of my past) and hate and no respect of pretty women and handsome men who had no knowledge of technology especially about free software.I only respect the lecturer or someone who smart in my class. If my friends or someone in college want to help about installing program or suggestion about altenative software, I can help. I worried about my weight but I still move on. When final project, I 'm the leader of the team. My team has 4 people, 2 boys and 2 girls, including me. Our task is to developed asset booking system and my male friend really don't know how to program so I do task alone and ask my female friend to create a CSS code for interface. I struggle in the night to find solution and I still depressed, I also ask them to find solution too but at the end I do it alone. Thank God we had finish the system but I still gaining my weight. I give them the code to understand and learn if they had a free time. Now, I'm practical, my male friend ask me to fix his Html code and add a slider to his website. I told him to read and understand but he really don't know. When I teach him from phone, he made a joke about my body, he reply the message that I'm 'G' ( 'G = Gemuk' means 'Fat' in english) and laugh at me. That things make my blood boil. He really dont understand what my problem. He really dont know that I practical in bulimia and thats make me sick. I reply back and say " fat people doesnt mean they stupid and thin people doesnt mean they smart, even thin people can be stupid too " and I delete his phone number. He called me, I off my phone. He silent for now. If I meet him, I will punch his face.
For now on, I don't give a **** to everyone who insult me. My happiest childhood life turns to be gloomiest, hatred, betrayed, depression,misandry, antisocial grown up women. Even I still depressed about my body, my weight, I really dont care. I only care of knowledge, my future.

You have to fight back, this is your life. No one deserve to treat you like that. Like John Cena said, Never Give Up. If you wanna happy, just go outside and have fun or make a new friend who experience of fat, unattractive person. Good Luck

I know how you feel...I feel fat and ugly all the time...I'm 29 yrs old still living with my parents and jobless...no real friends and feel completely alone in the world

I thought i was the only one who felt like this. I feel depressed all the time, I've started college and I'm so lonely i feel like a loser. I feel ugly. I've never had a boyfriend and i don't think i ever will. Life is really rubbish now. I just had to vent my feelings of low self esteem.

I feel the same way too. I have trouble with dating, I have no Co fide nice in myself, I hate going outside in public and I know I am hideous to look at with all the extra pounds . I hate myself, I tried everything to lose weight but nothing worked.

Sadly to say I'm with you in the same boat my husband always tell me I'm fat ugly and he could get better I'm so depressed I don't no what to do any more so ya

Your husband is a mean person. He married you because he loves you. Remind him of that

How can your husband say such an unkind thing? Tell him he is not "Mr. Perfect" either, and he has no right to intentionally hurt your feelings.


I feel exactly the same way...I mean I know everyone says people are beautiful in their own way and **** like that but nothing will ever make me change my mind ever since I was little Iv thought (known) that I'm fat and ugly I'm now 15 and my thoughts have just got worse I have absolutely no self confidence I despise myself I look around me and see so many pretty slim flawless beautiful girl (including my best Mate who I'm with all the time) they and my parents call me pretty but dude they have to I actually ******* hate everything about me it drives me crazy Iv self harmed before...I dont regret it i just don't know what to think anymore to be honest ad as soon a so see someone who is pretty it has a cute relationship it a great life it puts me down automatically for the whole day...yeah just don't know anymore but Iv tire soooo hat before to lose weight but wow **** it so hard I just don't have the will power or strength... :/

I get exactly the same treatment! I am 35 (past my expiration date now!) but ever since my teen years woman would avert their eyes from me. I am unmarried, and never had a girlfriend. It seems beauty is everything in this damned world. I feel for you, I truly do.

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what bothers me about many of these posts is that most of you are still teenagers. When I was in high school I weighed 130lbs max and I thought I was so fat because all the girls I went to school with were maybe 100lbs and tiny and gorgeous. I recently turned 23, and I now weight 220lbs, its my fault and I know it is, I got out of a bad relationship and moved out of my parents house and ate nothing but junk. In march I tried to kill myself and I had to spend 5 days in a mental hospital with others who also were trying to kill themselves. The difference is that almost all of them were worse off than me and they we're getting better, one guy had terminal cancer and his wife left him (at the same time) and he was the nicest most friendly guy. I still feel like killing myself, and maybe someday I will, but I hope I have a better reason than because I'm fat. I can change and so can you, it takes time, and more motivation than most people have. But people change everyday, so barring sudden unexpected death I don't see myself being fat the rest of my life. And maybe this time when Im 130lbs I'll appreciate it more because of how hard i will have to work to get there.

Just remember time will pass either way, wether your problems get better or worse is all about what you do with that time.

You are a beautiful person just the way you are. Don't let your weight define you. From reading your post I can see you are an intelligent and articulate person. You are in touch with your feelings. I'm overweight but I'm learning to take "baby steps" to correct the problem. "Do not dwell in the past. Do not worry about the future. Focus on the present moment." - The Buddha (said this 2,500 years ago.)

I feel the same way.... What makes it worse is my boyfriend calls me fat as well... I hate b n in public... I just want to hide.. I try to workout... But ..... ((side fact just had a miscarrage,and very sick for 4 months))

if your boyfriend calls you fat and you just had a miscarrage its time to find a more supportive and caring boyfriend.

I feel the same way my boyfriend thinks I'm perfect and I'm beautiful and all but I just don't see if, I look at other girlIs and i notice how pretty they are and how lucky she is and my mood turns up side down ! Ijust see ugly i guess i have to try to accept it GOd made me this way and i have live with it an

I feel depressed alot myself ....I must say readin all these posts makes me feel not so alone.. but the thing is , just because there are those who dont believe in god, doesnt mean he doesnt exsist. I can refuse to believe that you exsist but my disbelief doesnt make it so. knowin and loving god is very important... He wants only the best for us but sometimes we make the wrong turn in life and lose track of the journey he had for us in the first place. I admit it... ive lost my way, but thats me. I made the choices. The worst part is knowin whats right but keep doin whats wrong. Thats what keeps me depressed.

I know many fat girls that are fantastic. I also know a girl that was in a fire and has had 16 operations on her face and is really hard to look at until you talk to her and then you realize that you are in the presence of someone extraordinary. You can always lose weight......and when you are ready, you will.....but being ugly is something else. You need to find a way to love who you are. Learn how to meditate. Find the light inside of you and start to give love to those less fortunate than you are. It's amazing how much love you will get back. Get up......go outside and breathe ! Find someone else that seems unhappy and depressed and make friends with them. They need you. Go to a movie or out to lunch. They will not care what you look like.....they will be so happy to be invited. Stop at the makeup counter in the large department stores and tell them that you would like to start wearing some makeup but you are not sure of how to apply it. They will help you. Get a great haircut and make your hair shiny and work on having it be something that you love. Take your new found friend with you and help her too! Do something totally new and different....like volunteering at a children's cancer camp or working one day a week at the library reading to children. Be silly for once and remember that your face is just that.......it's only a face. Your heart and your kindness and your intelligence and your soon to be beautiful hair and your sensitivity are more than your face. As you get older you will realize that faces change over the years and the people around you change but the love that you find and the love that you share is forever! Start by finding one little spot inside of you to nurture and love. I can tell that you have a gift for writing.......so perhaps keeping a journal would be good for you. I have an ugly face too but I love who I am and what I have to give. I wear alot of makeup and I'm known for having crazy earrings. I let my hair grow long and I wash it daily and it shines.......I'm fat too.......but no one seems to care because I am a good friend and loyal and I've worked really hard to help others. Don't concern yourself with those boys.....just say hi and keep walking. Believe me, they are also insecure and if you are simply aloof but nice they will see that your intentions are innocent. Good luck

I'm super ugly in the face. Sometimes people look away when I smile, as if I've hurt their eyes :-) Also, I know talking is not a good look on me.

Ugly is not terrible. Lady gaga is not pretty! Did you ever see phantom of the opera? Be outrageously fun or silly. Lets try to remember that there are many vile, terrible, mean pretty people too. I'd rather be me! I can work with my looks but they will always be ugly in a place that makes them miserable. God loves ugly!

I feel very similar at times and really have to dig and push to find the motivation needed to carry in. So your definitely not alone ;(

I feel the same, I'm 13 and I can't even stand to look at myself in the mirror. I have a really Round face so when I try to smile it makes my face look really fat and it upsets me. I'm not pretty, at all. I'm really pale and I get acne every once and a while and I get hated on. I try my hardest to look my best I wear makeup and put on perfume and dress nice and even when I do all that, I still look like crap. It's gotten so bad I have drove myself to self harm and I do it quite a lot. I just wish I could be pretty, you know? I want a guy to just for once, notice me for me and not because I'm ugly. I have friends, but they aren't considered good friends, they ignore me a lot and don't hang out with me on weekends and it upsets me big time.

If your best friend was telling you this about herself, wouldn't you tell her about all of her positive qualities? Don't be so hard on yourself. Be pretty inside. Do something without those so called friends that you will love........how about a Zumba class in another town so that you can be free of judgement by those so called friends.

I am older than you and I feel the same kiddo. I don't have an easy answer but maybe if we take it one day at a time???

I feel you girl.

I feel the same EXACT way. You are absoluely not alone. You may feel this way on the inside, but you need to hold yourself high and walk with confidence. Weight loss wont happen instantly, sorry, but it will happen if you keep to it. I lost 16 lbs in the last month and i am pushing to lose 50. You are beautiful in your own way wether its mind or body. Stay strong and if you want to talk. My kik is: lizzardncmpunk

I feel just the same way I've been fat from birth and now I'm a teenager I'm facing the thoughest time. I hate going out I feel very ugly and stupid I hate taking pictures because I look very ugly and fat, I'm at the cinema I see a very cute boy they look a bit interested in you but since you're fat theyl never approach you, they'd approach the skinnier girl beside you and you have a whole better personality than she does, its just sad in school always getting picked on becasue of your size and they never think about your feelings. They'd just say it..

Me too Ugly and fat. But you know what? I am so much nicer than those jerks. And I am determined to grow up as a success because I can see through thos skinny girls and I know that I am way ahead of them. I now treat them with so much kindness that they don't know how to react. When they ignore me I am totally indifferent to them. Being 15 fat and ugly sucks .

I feel the same way, I have been this way since I was a little girl I am now 26 years old. I have cried everyday since I was a little girl, I feel unhappy, worthless, ugly, I have no friends, I have no life. I am 99.9% sure I will feel & be this way until I one day die, I pray everyday for God to take me away. When I look in the mirror I feel like I am so ugly & worthless, I hate everything about myself down to my eyebrows, fingernails, hair. The only thing I love about myself is my personality, its what everyone who meets me really likes, but they have no idea how I really am inside, they probably think I am a happy person. Im not sure who will read this, but I just came across this website & read the post & related somewhat to it. I dont wish this feeling of self hate towards my worst enemy, it really kills you slowly, mentally, emotionally & physically. Whoever reading this & feels the same way, please know you are not alone, may God please hear our prayers & help us be happy one day.Maria, 26, Dallas Texas

I appreciate your post and i do feel the same way... its hard to say you are ok but the truth is your not.... i would cry sometimes and hate to go out....

Hi glad I\'m not the only one feeling like this I\'m forty and I have cried every day since as far back as I can remember my family think I am a horrible person I have no confidence I hate going out I have no one in the world I can call a friend I hope your feeling a little better

im 42 and need a friend .

I'll be your friend!

I hear you young one. I am older than you but share your pain. No one knows this about me I took a vacation from work and only left my house to go to the store. Three weeks.... Never wanted to leave my house. I say this to relay to you that I do know what you are feeling. I hate myself and don't know what to do about it Any ideas?

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i'm curious...you wrote almost 5 years ago...did things ever change? if they did, was it what you thought it would be? whatever happened, i hope you're doing ok. i know what you're dealing with, it's a drag. believe me i know.

To be honest-my mentality has changed. I've accepted myself more, not completely, but more than I did in the past. I have my down days-and on those days I stay in the house...sometimes all week. But i'm better than I used to be.

I've never been anything other than too skinny, I had maybe an ab or two, last wk I heard something I never thought would've describing me but my mom said I a fat.

I have lots of factors that are out of my control and some physical ailments and restrictions that don't allow me the opportunity to do all the traditional methods,even my food I don't pick.

Yesterday I tried on my biggest sized work clothes they were tighter and almost had the zipper stuck in my body
My belly is unlike me I'm super shy, never liked my body and always wore multiple layers
Now even more layers I'm wearing and igo to help out and am reaching up and my very social butterfly belly thinks it has to appear,I was told oh call the garbage man there's a spillage here and pillsbury dough chick as I'm ticklish and soft in my middle.

Only good think is my chest which has always been small is growing. I was self conscious before I gained weigh whose gonna want a lifelike Crisco girl.
Sometimes I am almost ready to cry and I rub my Santa bellly.

I think the same way as you :(

im all my time of travelling to different countries and meeting different people i have never found someone who wasnt important, all life is based on a constant flux, but its how you shape that flux that defines you, the problem with those "boys" is they mirror not of the self but of the image of the vein, dont let that hurt you, its a false idea that ultimately will be there downfall, to loose wieght is ultimately ure choice, it isnt easy i know ive went up and down to looking really nice and tonned to a bit tubby currently...but know that there will be those who will stand with you in dark times but i can guarantee you that they are running as fast as they can to find you to help bring you out of the dark.

Thank you honey :)

no problem

at least you are young...IM 62, a widow, 4th year coming up, fat, health problems, ugly...long white hair...use a cane...education, -way- out of date...memory problems keep me from going back to school...and I know im declining, but I cant stop it....I used to sing....and I was pretty good...asked to backup sing a couple times in bands...but I heard myself sing recently and I will never sing again for anyone to hear...I cant work...I just sit in my apartment, on the computer, watching tv...and just wishing....Im so out of date...even my children are aliens...none believe in god...im not a Christian, have problem with organized religion...but even my granddaughter doesn't believe in god...my husband and I were hippies from the late sixties...we believed...moved here three years ago...still haven't made friends....its freaky out there....don't work or go to church, so meeting people is hard, and they look at me and I can see it in their faces....thanks for whatever...you are not alone...bee.....Im just so lonely, I don't usually question the way of things....but I think sometimes God took the wrong one...bee,,,

It is amazing how, in the moment, a simple thought (a seeming reflection of ourselves)can steal our lives from us. The reality is that if you look back at yourself years later you will decide that you were healthy; and that you had your youth....these are the things we take for granted most. In life the pressures we endure to be "perfect" actually rob us if the moments we should make the most of! EVERYONE DESERVES THE LIFE THEY WERE GIVEN, because you see yourself to be less valuable (or desirable) than the person you choose to compare yourself with is YOUR weakness NOT your measure of worth. You get only one shot in this world...and as much as everything around you tempts you into believing that your "purpose" is to be appealing to the meaningless drones which surround you, consider one thing..EACH IF THOSE DRONES HAVE THE SAME UNSECURITIES AND WEAKNESSES AS YOU! Don't give in; prove them wrong and be what you wish most! All that you are capable of; because this is, truly, what you are here for...& the only thing you owe to yourself. Trust me in saying life is WAY TO SHORT TO FOCUS ON YOUR OWN SHORTCOMINGS. We all disappoint each other as much as we disappoint ourselves.

I love you for this..like literally!

You are still young and can do it. I am fat, and I am 61 years old and depress. I am also a dibetic and on pills. good luck

I love you ALL for replying and relating to my story. i never would have imagined this would have gotten as many responses and anybody would relate to it...relate to me. Thank you all for your replies, votes and viewings.

hi, i totally agree with you. i have very low self-esteem. one day when i was walking home, this boy approached me & said your ugly as hell.. i shook it off, but when i got home i cried my heart out. my bestfriend switched schools & now im all alone (i have other friends but their not as important)i just dont feel good about myself, i wanna lose weight and have all eyes on me.

:( thins get SOOOOOO much better when you graduate and actually enter the world. This is from experience! I PROMISE you, life will be a bit brighter when you're away from a bunch of closed minded teenagers. You'll make it honey, if i did, i KNOW you will :)

I am a teen girl in her 11th year of high school with ibs and I am 180.5 pounds and I'm only 16. I've been loosing people I thought were my friends and I've been getting more and more depressed this past year. I true lay believe that the two people who call me their friend hate me, and I think I'm so ugly. I wish I could just tell myself that I don't care how big I gotten but I just can't. My mom and dad are obese and my mom has always taken food from me and hidden it (making me want it more) and because of this I've taken to binge eating. I try so hard to not think about my weight and how alone I am but my mom calls me piggish (because of all the junk I eat). I true lay tried to eat healthier and exercise but because I can't fit into my jerseys for the sports I've always played I lost all confidence and quit. My parents cried when I quit because I was turning into what they tried to force me to not be. Its so hard to get up in the mornings because I just don't see the point anymore, but I do because I have a small bit of hope that things will get better. They haven't for a while and I just need to know I can get passed all this.

i got to lose like 80 lbs even if i dont look like it... or so they say, not that ive told anyone my weight too embaressing besides that i have problems with my bowels so i feel sick all the time eather because i didnt take my meds or because i did disgusting powders and pills and the worst of it all is that isnt even the start i have another huge problem no its not the hairy parts no i just ad to get warts had them for like 4-5 years no and they wont go their on my feet like a lot of them ingrown and hurts like a.... and one on my hand so i cant show my hands to anyone or wear anything shortsleeved i have a job where i have to stand all the time two days thank god 15 hours and not allowed to sit besides about a 45 min. break and then 4 days of school i can barely walk and im awfully depressed about it im not scared of dying just of the constant pain so i keep wishing i'll just pass away in my sleep or get transported to some other world ( mostly movies like fright night or HP) where i get a different body and have all kinds of adventures and fun im 17 mind you oh im a girl by the way but on top of it i think id rather be a boy not that im gonna turn transexual or lesbian im not but it still seems a lot easier oh wel god scrued me over badly i guess so i will probably just have to deal with ky f####d up live... x tottally depressed

the grass isn't greener on the other side...everybody has their issues...you'll make it honey :)
maybe you can switch jobs and see a dermatologist to help w' the warts?

You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Can I see I pic of you


I relate. I love socializing but I have the absolutely worst self image. I'm really embarrassed of myself. I take 100 pictures of myself just to find a decent one for a profile pic. I'm so fat it's crazy.

I need to stop this negativity because its bit going to help my situation. But I need an intervention. I need a coach yelling at me all summer making me run. I have no motivation. The only motivation I have is my self pity.

it's all easier said than done

:) i get you.

thank you

hi i am fat lonely and depressed too. so is everyone cause we all want to be really stinking hott. make me hott. okay. well bye


no your not alone i have always big big all my life but i dealt with it but 7 years ago i became very ill and had to be trached thats a tube in your neck to breath well i broke my ankle and got stuck in bed with all these problems plus have to be on oxygen 24/7 so i have gotten almost 600 lbs i never get to leave my home unless its in an ambulance i have no friends since i got ill family dont want to come around either they have their own lives so if you think you have it bad look around someone else is worse off that s wat i do.


If you think you're lonely now...Sorry, just daydreaming. Anyway, the truth is, you're not the only person that has this problem. there are thousands of people that feel the same way that you do. The way that I see it, if you are a female, no matter what, there will be a guy that will come along and want to go out with you eventually. As for us men? Well, unless you have a lot of money, look like a french model, have a big house and a car that cost more than the house, most females nowadays just won't give you the time of day. My only problem is that that I'm almost 40. The last time I was "attractive' I was 6! So needless to say, I've grown pretty numb in the dating department. But enough about me...
NOTE: Enjoy life while you still have your youth. Believe me, things don't come as easy when you get older...

i feel the exact same way dont ever think you're alone at least 2% of the population feel the same way and i am starting to change everything in my life believe me it will make you happier maybe not the happiest you'll ever be but dont rush it it will come eventually you have to change internally to see external change. good luck!!!!!! i desperately needed someone to believe in me.. it sure would've made things easier so i am telling you i believe in you and you can do it

Hi there !
So if I walked around all day staring at the floor and moping around do you think anyone would be my friend ? Love yourself for who you are point out your good features (ex: eyes, hair, curves, skin) and then try to accentuate them! Be confident, why do you think Fat Amy in pitch perfect is like my idol .... Her confidence! When people give you a compliment reply with why thank you , not thanks but not really. And with losing weight just stay active , most people consume food while watching tv or other activities such as that. By minimizing the size if the plate you eat on you will eat less. NEVER EVER eat chips out of a bag because most people will eat what is in front of them , so by putting a decent handful of chips on a plate you will consume less. Salads are a great alternative to a bag of chips , try not to put on things like ranch dressing on top (I love salads with just salt and olive oil) it's delicious *salt makes everything better* as far as, exercising just be Patient since your young your metabolism should do the work for you :) ...oh and try to only drink waterflavored water on the weekdays (alcohol is high in calories and overall it's bad for you)
But if you are with your freinds and they are all having a drink just say sure you don't want to be the one who won't have any fun!

Love yourself put good healthy food in your body not that crap. As much as you may want it be self controlled and eat something healthy more salads and that. Just do it take one day at a time. Try to get a hobby interest to take your mind off food. I studied addiction in psychology and the people who overcome addictions the most were people who took up new interests hobbies. Dont sit at home get out in the community do some voluntary work. As much as you may want that bad food dont have it eat something good,, only have good food in your home no trash and then you will not be tempted. Join a gym get around healthy people who will have an impact on you. Its not easy but that food is not your friend in fact its your enemy. It might give you a little lift for a little while but you will get a much bigger lift from not eating it. Care for your body more love yourself and dont worry about those negative people remember they have their faults and one is being rude. Stop the self doupt tell yourself you can, keep telling yourself it. Dont beat yourself up for being fat never be negative about yourself that can make you go downwards into depression and crave more bad food to make yourself feel better.

wow, I feel exactly the same way!it's good to read stuff like that, because we're not alone. I actually don't know how to help you, but trust me, I wish I could!I'll pray for you...don't know if it helps, but it won't hut.Just remember that there are people out there who like you the way you are. I'm surely one of them! I wish you the best only!

i agree..it is kinda enlightening to find out that we're not alone in life-despite how "happy" people pretend to be and look..everybody's ****** up

hello ,
i felt ( and still feeling ) the same way , and believe me its not easy to feel the same thing everyday . i hope we can solve this matter . best of luck and love to u :)

we will..best of luck to you,too

I have so much simpathy for you as i have no idea how it is i really hope that you find some one to share your life with, its a pitty that people cant except people for who they are and what they are, its a cruel world out there

i agree..if people would look beyond the physical..i think there would be less divorces and more happiness and love

a lot of guys have same thing happen as well, man even me erly in my life i know when your on the bottom you cant fall any ferther ,dont give up the only way you can go is up no one said will be esay face your fear and do it anyway and when you need suport incurragement ,i can give a lil hand what have u got to loose nothing at all but you may gain a freind that cares,, can make a diff dont ever be afraid to try you got nothing to loose but some to gain id say


what is fat? can you get out of your bed ,walk around and stuff? then your my kinda girl. :P

lol yes i'm mobile :)

I feel the same:( i hate going out,looking fat, and seeing girls who are so bwautiful & skinny, makes me sad and hate myself:'(

Hi! I want to tell you something if you still battle against problems like that!!!
When I came to be a teenager, I suddenly felt totally ugly and fat and never thought anyone could like me, I was always, and I am still very unsure about myself, although I don't think many people get that anymore... That was because I never thought that I could be the person I want to be... I realized that everyone can be the person he or she wants to be!!! I started to believe in myself, I think it's hard for many teenagers to get the person they want to be, but I don't want to talk to you about puberty or something;-) But I want to tell you, that you can look, behave, BE like you want to, if you just believe in yourself! NOONE is ugly!!!! Don't ever say something like that... Okay, if you do the wrong things for your appearance, one could be ugly, but every person is something special. So if you look always clean, do your hair right, maybe let grow your hair long (everyone likes this), if you have a nice make-up on, if you dress beautifully, if you smell good, if you trust in yourself and also behave like this, you can also be gorgeous!!! You don't have to be the most beautiful person in the world, but also YOU are something special!! And therefore something special to someone... I believe that anatomy is really destiny, everyone is something special to someone very special... So about losing weight if you haven't already done, I also had problems with it, by the time it's also a problem. I was always very thin, then normal and then I began to care too much about myself, my appearance, I think I'm kind of a perfectionist, and so many people, when I was still really unsure, said I was so especially beautiful and many people looked at me, they all thought I was very vain and so on, because I was that silent, but I think that was still unsureness, and then I got very thin, many people said too thin, they all thought I was anorexic, but I just stopped caring. And many good things and reassurement happened to me, I got really comfortable about myself... A time I felt really good, but everytime things can happen that make you feel bad, ugly, unsure!!! But nevermind, everyone, really everyone has problems with that!! Why do you think many celebrities do cocaine, which supports the self-assurance, or something like that?! ...And by the time I got really ill, I gained really much weight through that, and everything only messed up, I feel ugly and fat again sometimes, I think all the self-assurance was just a big mistake, I am only ridiculous...... But noone's always sure about the ego! And theres no "really not ridiculous, not ugly, not fat..." and so on, you will never know what the people think about you, thought about you, if you are appreciated and so on, but the opinions always differ and you shouldn't take something like that too serious. So I want to ensure you to realize your chance to have the life you want to have, to seize it, start it and become the person you want to be, you would admire, simply try losing weight, think about how could you life be, how could you be, I know for myself okay, it's hard if you feel fat and then you see "I have to lose 30lbs, thats gonna take a year or something, eating less today helps nothing, just 0.1 lb or something :O, and I will eat nothing and still look fat all the time...." and then you are so depressed, you want to let everything go to just recover from your pain, so you do what you want, and you eat... But if you have anything to do all day that makes you forget, and a supporting family, and your target, your thoughts about your "beautiful and skinny" future, what you can reach, which can make your heart jump, because think about all the beautiful stuff, all the things you can do and experience in your life, the likely things you get if you just hold on, any day of sadness is wasted time of happiness... You can just take things in advance, to make everything like you want it to be, and everyday is counting, if about losing weight or just doing something that you like... if you lost a bit weight, you feel so good, it encourages you, it makes you happy and brings you nearer and nearer to your happy end!!! Everything you do!!! Just face it!!! You can do so much, do what you like in the world!!!! The world is exactly what you make it yourself!!!!! There are so many good things, and you can be someone, someone totally stunning and beloved, only if you believe in it and work for it!!! Perhaps you have a role model, so why aren't you someone like that? Maybe you think you can never reach it to have the weight you want to have, to look good because you feel ugly, but you are really something special, just be yourself in the best way. But if you hold on and trust,everything is possible!!!!!!! So good Luck from me!! (and I'm writing this after totally crying and eating much and so on, but one should never lose the confidence that everything could soon be exactly how one wants it to be...!!!!) Hope you already feel better after a few years having written this!!!!!! And I hope I could help and make you smile and think a bit! ♥♥♥

thanks love :)

I am 43 - and never been kissed - etc. I am fat, hairy, ugly and live at home with my geriatric father and dog. I am mildly unhappy but that is all. You know why. A secret that is not so secret - treat other people the way you want to be treated. I was at twenty - feeling so sorry for myself - no one would even talk to me. Then I realised it might have something to do with the decided fact that I - me, myself - never looked anyone in the eye - never talked or smiled at anyone - WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO KNOW ME!!!!????
I put it to the test - I looked at peoples faces, smiled and complimented them - treated them as I wanted so desperately to be treated - as a member of the human race - AND HEY _ GUESS WHAT - I have so many wonderful friends and work mates who love me for me.
I am fat, hairy ugly AND YES alone BUT I am loved and appreciated because I love and appreciate.
It won't happen immediately but it will happen and you will find love and acceptance and happiness. Trust me.

What an excellent post, and I agree with you 100%.
However, while being fat and ugly might be considered unattractive to most people, I wonder why you include "hairy" to the list. Hairy guys are sexy, don't you know that? Too bad you're not gay, there is a HUGE subculture known as the "Bear Community" that idolizes husky, hefty hairy masculine guys.

For myself, I have greatly improved my life and social life - despite being older and unattractive - by doing exactly what you do. Yes, people will like you for your personality and not just looks.

we'll make it :)

This basically describes how I feel. Everyday I tell myself that I'll be alone for the rest of my life because I'm too fat and ugly for any guy to want me. And it's true. I've been fat my entire life (now sitting at 250 lbs) and my face isn't much better. Sometimes I think I look okay if I catch the light in the right way, but that's very rare. I look hideous in pictures, so much so that I don't even take them anymore and shy away from cameras. As of now, most of my friends have been strictly online because I have a hard time of making friends in real. I had a strictly online boyfriend (Yes I know that sounds crazy, but it is what it is) who I put all of my hopes into because it seemed he was able to accept me even though I was not the most skinny or attractive girl alive, but... that was soon crushed because he claimed to have cheated on me and broke up with me. So yeah... I just kinda sit in a limbo now.

we'll make it love.. :)

There are many people who no matter how many people/men like them will always feel alone or not good enuff. Seek help.


You're not alone. I'm 42 years old and never had a real boyfriend. I don't go out and I don't really have friends. I talk to people online and as soon as I send them a picture, they stop talking. So, i've just stopped trying. If it weren't for my family I could die and no one would know or care.

inbox me @aloneinGA

write to me

about what

your not alone. i hate being alone and the reasob i am alone is because im fat. i have a good heart and my face isnt too bad. so the only other reason is im fat. people in this world must be so shallow. x


I was always a chubby kid and it was hard growing up.I try to be positive but its hard cause i have 5 brothers all are fit and married to hot women I would feel misplaced around them and they would yell at me saying im pretty but id always ask them would u ever go for someone like me? Fast forward to the present I lost weight got married and he loves me a lot but heres the thing I'm paranoid about my weight if I gain 3 pounds I'm still healthy and fit but I've hated myself for being fat for so long that its an obsession even tho my hubby loves it when I get curvey. What I'm saying is to truely be satisfied u need to love urself love urself and change will come cause I lost the weight but the hole is still there I guess that's the path that we all have to take because God has blessed everyone with their own special thing. I wish all of u the best.

thanks love, you do the same

I know how you feel . The only way your going to feel better iwhehen you realise nobody...NOBODY is perfect not you not me nobody.. You wouldnt be you without your quirks .you
Are beautiful. In your own way . Be confident and dont let the world get you down .a random passing face's opinion doesnt matter ,yours does . Chin up pet x

True. I never thought anybody was perfect, it's just everybody's not fat lol. But thanks for the encouraging words.

listen hun i know all this is hard but ur beutiful nd altho not everyone mite see tht i think curves on a woman is really sexy u shouldnt fret im sure ur beutiful

thanks love

i think i would love you if i met you dont be hard on yourself. not everyone likes skinny girls so someone out there thinks your just their type. people dont approach you coz they think you will not like them (its a proven fact) but they would love to know and love you just the way you are so dont stress

thanks doll

Hi i am 29 alone, and depressed. I am male and I've gotten picked on all of my life for being fat i thout a found some one who realy liked me but she stop talking to me because i was fat i have never felt so alone as i do now just wen every thing was looking good i used to be 330 and in like 3 months i lost more than 40 lbs for her i am 287 now but it was all for nothing i feel like the world is just out to hurt me. I reali feel like the world be a better place if i was not in it i dont know what to do now i just what some one to love me for who i am at least one time.

I've been picked on too so you're not alone. If she left you because you're "fat" then..seems like to me she didn't need to be in your life if she's that shallow. Congrats on your weight loss! If you could lose that, i really believe in you that you could keep losing!!

OMG that's so sad that's How I feel about myself. But see my family. Makes it worst for me sometimes. I hate everyone because I'm jealous. Of there looks I wish I was attractive. I weigh 152 but I want to weigh. 125-130 the only thing that makes me happy about myself is that Guy from one direction. You should. Try to look up to someone. And get those. Negative. Thoughts out

I look up to God and Jesus. Thanks.

You're not the only one. ^,^ im from new zealand lol. gay. half brazillian half south african. used to be a hott (well not amazingly hot) but had no trouble @ all with the lads. used to have so many friends, and acquaintances used to party all the time, go on roadtrips, you know all the fun things guys do. had the nicest body(though i didnt realize it at the time) and yeah was just care-free and so happy. But now!! Woo. Its the TOTAL OPPISITE. I'm fat like balloon. Have basically zero friends. Dont go out. Dont do anything but go to work and come home and drink in my room all alone and depressed. Like CONSTANTLY. And sleep with whoever wants me even though it disgusts me during and after doing it :( i feel like so EMPTY. Like im a relic. The mind still thinks 'fabulous' but the body and everything else is just a mess. It like i feel trapped in a body and life that doesnt belong to me :( And do you know what the funny thing is? NOBODY even knows i feel this way. Have a fabulous job n the aviation industry. drive a flash bmw. am very fashionable. and yeah basically seem totally in control. but inside im like DEAD. I sometimes wish i could just die in my sleep so I could finally be at peace again. And when it comes to BFs.. we wont evn go there!! Im so LONELY its not evn funny. So no.. you're not alone sis :) in fact.. i know youre in a better place than me. Hope you find love. And happiness. And peac in yourself fellow friend. XOXo

I hoope you find the same things sugar :)

I have a friend who has transformed his body twice now. I've seen him get super big then drop the weight again. He does Paleo and works out consistently. I have a hard time being that consistent myself. I think taking things a day at a time works best. The one time i changed drastically was when i just focused on the present day and had 1 mess up day during the week. Every meal has to be a HUGE decision unfortunately. I'm big again and struggling but remembering past success can help with motivation.

i know the feeling!

Don't be everybody has somebody. I felt the same way but I buy products from Avon. The website i use is youravon.com/cmyles. Their make up and facial washes actually helped me. I pay attention to my looks and people look at me differently now. I'm so pretty size doesn't matter

The only thing I'm happy about in my life is that I have great friends and I am quite smart. Not super smart but I'm the top few in class.I don't think I so ugly but between people around me I feel like I'm the ugliest. My height is 160m and my weight 52kg although I tried hard to lost weight like you said it's easier said than done. No one ever like me so it's obvious I never had a boyfriend. When I look in the mirror I always ask myself "Why are you so ugly? Why are you so fat?" Sometimes I cry alone thinking about. All I ever wanted was for a person to tell me in his eyes I'm beautiful. I don't have to be the prettiest or the skinniest. A lot of people say guys like skinny and pretty girls. Does that mean I'll be forever alone and no one will marry me and I won't have any children and die alone with many cats? I think I understand how you feel but what can we do? Since life is unfair and this is our life

I understand you all! I'm 15 years old and I have a normal weight. I'm tall 170cm that's about 5'7 i think and I weigh 59-60kg and that's about 130 or 132 pounds. I used to be really fat and everyone at school or out on the street bullied me. When I was 12 my weight was 90kg that's 198 pounds and of course I couldn't fit in. It was hurting me so much and I started dieting. For six months I lost 45 kilos and that's about 99 pounds and I was too skinny. Then I couldn't start eating normally. I was anorexic. I spent some time in the hospital with my 43kilos on 170 cm height. It was really hard. My hair fell off and I had no friends. No one came to ask how am I feeling. Everyone was telling me their problems only and I got so mad that after I started gaining weight I didn't want to see anyone. I still can't eat normally but since I'm healthy and I look normal it's not a problem. Still I am very depressed. I don't know why. When I go out, I don't want to sound like a bi t ch (sorry) but there are lots of guys who are looking at me or even try to flirt with me but I don't really care. Sometimes I ask myself, wasn't that what I was looking for? I don't know what's wrong with me. I am still depressed. I don't have a SINGLE friend. I lost all of them. Oops! Sorry. THEY LOST ME! I spent all summer on the internet doing nothing. I just wish that we, people from here from this site were closer so that we could meet and become friends. I can't believe this. There are so much people like me on this earth but they are everywhere except for my country. That sucks. And just to let you know that BEING EXTRA SKINNY IS NOTHING SPECIAL. Or being normal weight like I am now is nothing special too. It's just easier when you sit because the stomach is not here to bother you. Trust me, the feeling's the same. It's the inside. MY LIFE SUCKS! :(

somebody always has it worse,hun

I feel sorry for everyone - we are the key to our own chane. we can all make excuses to be overweight but health rests with us and our choices. It really is easy you must eat clean. have oats for breakfast 9with equal and no fat milk), a sandwitch with turkey/chicken (no cheese or mayo) for lunch, or a salad, and something health for dinner - soup; vegies and lean meat etc; snacks are carrot sticks and salsa etc. Simple hard, yes but thats what life is. be proactive and focus on yourself - you are the only person you can change.<br />
be strong x

YESSS...the key to our own chain. You said it!!!!!!!! Thank you,darlin