I Mean, Look At Me

I make videos for Youtube and people constantly tell me about all of my flaws.  Like I don't already know them.  I know my teeth are crooked and I need braces.  Duh.  I know I'm not a beauty queen.  My hair does what it wants, when wants.  I believe that everyone in the world is beautiful except for me.  I believe that if I get thin again, I will be beautiful again.  I'm very sad because of this, and very depressed.  I'm on many medications.  People have told me how ugly I am right from the get-go.  Ever since school started when I was 5 years old, I was the ugliest girl in the world.  And you know how I meet my boyfriends??  Over the Internet.  So they can't SEE ME!!!  It's perfect.  They get used to me over the internet first and I send them a picture and I don't have to see their reaction  when they see the grossness that is me.  After a while they get used to it and we can date or whatever.  Inevitably we break up and he goes for someone cute.  I haven't had a boyfriend in years though.  Haven't even tried.  It's not that  I don't want one, I do.. It's just that  I think that I'm too ugly and unapproachable for anyone to want me.

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I bet you're absolutely beautiful. people on the internet and youtube are always mean just because they're bored or they think they are ugly and want to feel better about themselves by making somebody else feel ugly, everybody has some flaws but crooked teeth don't make a person ugly as hell

People that say stuff to hurt others on Youtube are dam trolls. Don't believe them.

Nah, you're not ugly, even if you don't believe that.

Dont listen to negative things about you... But if they really, i mean REALLY bother you do something thats easy, cheap, and not painfull, like makeup, just not too much...Or if you want better looking hair, go to a salon andget your hair done. Pay attention so you know what they are doing and then try it yourself. Ask them questions about what they are using so you canbuy it and use it... <br />
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But idont do ths stuff.. I just like being natural...

Your not ugly, because I said so! <br />
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LOL you listen to all the negative comments, so you may as well listen to my comment too!<br />
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I know what ugly looks like to me, your not ugly.

This will sound stupid coming from a 14 year old...but you're not ugly. I'm the ugliest person here, just look at me. Don't tell me it's all because of being a teenager. I'm just ugly. I hide my face and I get depressed. It's getting worse.

some people don't. well most people don't appreciate the inner beauty in a person like you. so screw them. be who you want and be proud!!!

wow... Support group for Ugly people. That might actually work in curing some people's social anxieties and such. Of course, you'd have to black out the windows of the church hall to stop passers-by fainting with nausea, but still... I kid :)<br />
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There are much worse things to be than ugly.

I am ugly too. I know how painful it is. It is the one thing people dont talk about. There are support groups for everyone else... the obese, alcoholics, gamblers. Why are there no support groups for ugly people? And I know people are just trying to help when they say 'no youre not ugly' or that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But I dont think it helps to run away from it. I think we must embrace our ugliness and then well figure out how to live with it.

I think you need to try to find the beauty in you and not listen to what other people have told you your whole life. Other people are cold-hearted, uncaring, ruthless, and INSECURE. Anybody that takes time out of their day to comment on the way you look is an insecure person that has a host of problems themselves. You should try to work on loving yourself and improving yourself mentally and physically. Don't worry about other people, just take care of you and things will fall into place. Best of luck to you. Oh, and don't feel bad for not having a boyfriend. You're not alone. I haven't had a girlfriend in years and I hate it but I'm trying to better myself so maybe I can someday have a relationship. Take care and best of luck to you. :-)

thank you! But it sure is a hell of a lot of people... I think I'll go hide now...<br />
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The people who are saying that to you are the ugly ones, not you!