I'll Never Be Pretty.

My face is a funny shape. My acne left horrendous poc marks and scars all over my face. My eyebrows are wild and my eyes are too small. My blonde hair is too brassy and my forehead is huge. I never look right. My body has a fat, awkward shape.

Ever see the movie "Girl, Interrupted" or read the book (I think it happens in the book, too)? And there's that scene with Polly screaming "My face, my face, I'm ugly!" ? Yeah. I tend to do that when my roommate is away.

I just want to rip my face open because strips of skin and blood would be easier to look at than my face.

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4 Responses Aug 1, 2007

" My head's just a bit too round. My hair just a touch too dark. And my body just a pinch too plump. But if you can't except me like this, then maybe you're not the 'normal' one."- Anonymous<br />
Our differences make who we are, and believe it or not, those things you call 'problems' are beautifully imperfect. What we find inside is what matters...

Ugly or not, there are 50 million people in my country right now who would gladly exchange places with you.

Sorry I totally disagree, you can have confidence all day long and people will still abuse you. Why do I say this because I have lived it. I try to be polite, have confidence, practice good hygiene, wear nice clothing etc but If you are ugly no one can get past that exterior. In fact if you have confidence and people think you are ugly, they will only think that you have nerve to be arrogant it is a double edge sword.

an amazing amount of being attractive is confidence. Confidence won't people into the most beautiful woman in the world, but can definitely make a difference in people's perception. Find something that you can do to feel better about how you look, and start there. Perhaps get your eyebrows waxed professionally, or have a friend help you pluck them if you think they are too wild. Maybe pick a hair cut with bangs if you don't like your forehead. Improve your confidence and your attractiveness will go up as well :-)