No One Here Is Really Ugly

Let me tell you of a truly ugly child. 

I was taking the train when a drunk came in the car.  There was a woman sitting very close to me with the ugliest looking child I ever saw.  The drunk sat down and stared at the child. 

Finally he started, "that is the ugliest kid I ever saw.  That kid is really ugly.  I bet he scares you when you have to look at him."  The drunk went on and on insulting the woman. 

Finally a conductor came by to see the crying woman there. 

"What'swrong," he asked. 

"That man has insulted me and talked to me in a terrible way.  He keeps on and won't stop." 

"I'll fix that," the conductor said, as he drug the drunk away.  In a moment he cane back. 

"Ma,am, I am sorry about that.  I called ahead and your train fare will be refunded."

The woman said that was nice and smiled at the conductor.

The conductor said, "Is there anything else I can do.  I can bring you something to drink or eat.  What about if I bring some bananas for your monkey?"

levin60kitty levin60kitty
2 Responses Jan 27, 2009

i sort of giggled <br />
and felt a bit bad for a moment after<br />
and then giggled again

what....? lol