I Think Im Ugly

its not that i think im horrendous. like ive had a few guys like me. okay so like 2 that i know of. but when i look at myself when im alone im satisfied. its when i walk out of my house i look around at other girls & then im like wow compared to them im a disgrace. but most of the time i think im pretty ugly. i hate my nose & i wear glasses =(
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7 Responses Aug 4, 2007

Remember there is no such as ugly person. It may not satisfy somebody's needs but there is always the other one who thinks you are pretty. So don't let it taking over you. On the end is it so important? If you have true friends they love you for who you are and not how you look. (wink)

fake it till you make it.. sooner or later you will start to belive watever you tell yourself

I feel the same way. At home, I'm comfortable with myself but when I'm out I'm definitely not. My guy friends tell me I look "fine" and that makes me feel a little better until I see them drooling over this perfect little thing 2 minutes later... O.o I'm working on it though...

Your glasses help you see and your nose helps your glasses stay in place...

I do the same thing. Feel good at home, but once I go into public, I feel like the goofiest and ugliest person.

Ya and I wouldn't think that if I was you. beauty comes from within. thinking you are ugly will mess up your confidents and make you ugly for real. You better tell yourself your pretty when you look in the mirror next time!

How bout you stop worrying about how you stack up to someone else and don't read magazines that tell you how you should feel and what you should look like because they are all full of ****.