Looking In Every Reflection.

Well, I always kinda though I was ugly simply 'cause I've been told that before. "Boy, you ugly." and like all that kinda stuff. Back when I was a kid about 12 I was always picked on becuase i had gained some weight. Truthfully, I was a fat little kid back then. But thanks to anorexia or whatever it is, i lost all that weight. I know, not good.

I look in any reflection I get to and if I happen to catch a wrong angle I can spend up to hours looking in it trying to convince myself that I'm not horribly deformed.

I grew my hair out to hide my face and when I did I had lost about 50 pounds and I was skinny as a twig. Needless to say I became Vain, ut recently I cut my hair and I'm trying to deal with the real world like saying "Here's my face." ya know? It's all just weird.

But I really don't know. I've never gotten a "He's Hot" or "He's a looker" I have dated very attractive women, but still never been told how good I look. This is why Myspace is evil. <.<

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18-21, M
Aug 6, 2007