I Don't Know.s.

 I'm told I am pretty. I am not the most beautiful girl, but I do okay for myself. The problem is, I am afraid that guys only like me for my breasts. Also, no one knows that I cut myself for years and my body is covered in those scars. When I was in ninth grade I began to accumulate stretch marks all over my hips and thighs, and the backs of my legs. And some weird rash started forming a year ago on my arms and stomach and legs and I've done nothing about it and it's getting worse and worse. I know what my problem is. It's that I have no self respect and at the age of 10 I was diagnosed with depression. I hate myself for not caring enough to treat myself better. I know it is all my fault.

But my point is-sure, on the outside people think I am attractive. I don't have too much of an opinion on that. But I know that clothes leave the mind to wander. And when boys try to pursue me...I am afraid they will be disappointed. My skin is so ugly. I don't have a problem with my weight; I'm 5'8'' and weigh about 160 lbs (but everyone says they don't believe it) I only have a problem with my skin. I want to be in relationships and I have sexual motivation sometimes, but I am too afraid to be naked in front of guys. I am afraid this will never change.

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1 Response Feb 8, 2009

You should want to change the way you feel about yourself for yourself. Forget about what other guys might want to see, consentrate on yourself. Most of thos guys won't even care about your skin, they will be more concerned about getting you naked, satisfying themselves, and then leaving you. You have to care about yourself first. Love yourself 1st. Go to the Doc and get some help. Pray to God to take your depression and that urge to cut yourself away. That is not how your supposed to live your life. Leave it all in God's hands. But you have to take the first step, no one is going to do that for you. And no man , is ever going to staisfy you completly, yeah he will make you feel pretty only for a while but true everlasting satisfication comes from God, Trust God and he will give you a man who loves you regardless of your physical factors. Be bless.