A Use and Throw Pen.

I a damn ugly. Not the ugly duckling but a real ugly swan. And everyone uses me. I do all the hardwork and someone else eats butter.  I don't know that should I thank the God for giving me a life or curse him for giving me this kind of life?

I am a very bad skin color. Even dark complexion is good but mine is a lethal mix of dark and fair. Sometimes it becomes dry as hell and white lines appears whenever i scratch. On other days its oily and makes my shittty skin glow like a non sticky fry pan. Its very sensitive to temperature. I sweat in winters also. My body, shirt stinks becoz of excessive sweating.

And Cherry on the top , My right ear is deformed since birth. I guess God did not wanted me to hear music using earphones.

I had a very nasty accident when i was 3 years old and my nose broke. Because of which i catch cold every now and then. Also i feel very difficult to breath by nose.

My name is also foolish. So all of this makes me a dumb, lack of confidence, diseased, lazy boy. People use me like a USE and THROW pen. Someone calls me only when they need my help and after that everyone forget me. I am getting sick of helping others. 

I am full of shitt, jobless living a life of a sucker. I wish world war 3 starts and I may get a chance to go to the front and can atleast die for my country. I don't want to die for nothing now.

sarkarg sarkarg
2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

I didn't knew that Charlie Chaplin said that.. <br />
I saw one of his documentary few years ago.. <br />
Ya he also had lot of personal problems but he always tried to make others smile.<br />
<br />
Thanks :)

People who has kind heart they cannot be ugly , and i belive that you r the most beautiful person with a kind heard and smart head.. . and you have a great taste of selection.. i read the words on your picture...<br />
<br />
" i like to walk in rain alone that no body could see my tears " .. that the famous charli Chaplin said about himself.. .. and i know that you have the qualities to make the people happy .. and .. you know i love to walk with you in rain.... i like you.. .... <br />
<br />