Is It Really That Much to Ask? Obviously, It Is.

I've always wanted to be pretty, for as long as I can remember. I've had so many guy friends who I fall for.. I bond with them and they grow to love me, and I always feel that the one thing holding them back is what I look like. I'm not pretty and that has been the bain of my life. Never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, never had a guy like me. They love my personality but thats never enough. It makes me feel so bad. So bad that now even my personality has become bitter and I have begun to hate people a lot. I just wish I was pretty so as the love these guys have for me could go one step further, to the point where they like me as more than a friend. Even just a little crush.. I'm not even asking for a long relationship, or any relationship at all!!!! Just to go to bed at night thinking that someone has thought about me during the day.. as more than a friend. well, that's all. maybe i'll find a blind guy, eh?
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We all started hating people, because they treat us differently than attractive people. I went to a restaurant one time with a girlfriend, she wasn't pretty but she was fun to be with. We became more than friends. Getting back to the restaurant, we ordered our food. Manager came over and apologized for our food taken so long to get to us. We didn't notice this at the time. I know just by gut feeling that was because of our appearance. So for you hating people, I can understand why.

I can relate, I wished for a blind girl at one point myself. <br />
But I promise you that with time things will get better, I was the same way and I honestly thought I was the ugliest guy on earth until I found the right girl and she unleashed the non-ugly me, and now I have zero issues! (with looks that is)