I Get So Tired of People Bothering Me About It

The realizating that you're ugly is a hurtful one. Most people that I know only want to be friends with a person who is good-looking. Even my own sister is like that. She is too embarrassed to go out in public with me. We look nothing a like. We have different fathers. Sometimes people ask us if one of us were adopted. People usually think it was her who was adopted because I have some of my mothers features, but I look more like my dad. My sisters look nothing like anyone in the family, until you compare her to my grandma's photos of when she was young.


Anyway, it's terrible knowing you are ugly. So why must people rub it in? I didn't mind it in High School, because kids are all insecure, but I am twenty-two. Adults shouldn't make fun of each other but they do. A lady who had to have been in her late forties told her friend that I was the ugliest person she has ever seen, and loud enough for me to hear. Apparently it's something people are never going to grow out of.


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i know where you are coming from.i was told i was ugly so much growing up that even now it effects my daily life. a thousand people can tell me that i am handsome or cute which makes me feel good but it would only take one to call me ugly and it would make me feel like im some kind of hideous beast .i dont know if you read my story but in high school there were a couple of guys i grew up with that i really thought were my friends only to find out that they were so worried about their reputations as jocks they basically told me they couldnt be seen with me in public . so i know how you must feel. even now it brings tears to my eyes when i think about it. people just dont know how words can make a person feel so worthless&insignificant. i get mad at god sometimes.i ask him why he had to make me so ugly. is it punishment for being born a bastard child?people say god dont make ugly. i guess i slipped through the cracks

Nope, not true. I checked your photos out. Try to overcome what you have been told.

You are not ugly. In fact, I think you look very much like Anne Hathaway, who is IMO stunningly beautiful.<br />
<br />
Just girl to girl, you should grow that GORGEOUS hair really long. It is perfect hair for long tresses. I would love to have your hair. <br />
<br />
Why are some people so cruel? I'm not sure that's answerable but they are seriously flawed. (((Ashley)))