I hate myself I hate how I look and I especially hate my nose what a troll
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There is one thing you need to know and never forget.
If someone openly says you are ugly or fat, it's because they are jealous.
And if you have openly expressed your personal feelings about yourself to said people, they will use it to hurt you.
The only ugly people in this world are those who say mean things to hurt others.
You are actually exactly what I wished I looked like when I was in high school. You have that exotic appearance.

lol. Fishing. You are not ugly ;) And I like your nose!

Notice how you got 7+ responses so far? If a man who had the same level of attractiveness that you have posted the same thing? He wouldn't get nearly so many reassurances by women. Why? Because women have higher sexual currency and are simply catered to more.

So for starters, I agree with everyone else, you aren't ugly. *I* am an actual ugly ************. But the difference is, you have a greater chance of getting mates or friends than a guy. If you put one man and one woman of the same level of attractiveness in a public space for long enough the woman will get vastly more opportunities for connection or interest, made even more so because men have to do all the work in pursuing and facing rejection.....imagine having the feelings you do now, but as a man, knowing *you* have to do all the work in finding love.

Don't be so hard on yourself hon, some of us really are ******* ugly and have to contend with it. Everyone has stuff about themselves that they don't like, even models.

Dude, so poignant. I've been trying to but that "women being catered to more than guys" thing into words to no avail for quite a while. Nothing against the feelings of any girls, but having the expectation of facing rejection time and time again is much more difficult to deal with. I don't see how things got like this, but nevertheless, well put!

I've been trying to *put that "women being yada yada yada..." bleh

Ur fine. U should see my nose

Thank you for your lovely comments but my looks and appearance are something I been trying to deal with for years

You don't look ugly to me

You.. I.. What? Do you only spend time with blind people? If anyone ever told you that they're either insane or just a bully.

Since I was 12 I have been called fat and ugly and strangely enough it didn't stop when I left school a group of girls at work told me I couldn't go on holiday with them because I was to fat to fit on the plane and one women constantly told me how horrible I looked every day

What the hell is wrong with people? You look amazing and no matter what you weigh it only adds to how amazing you are! I don't care if getting you to understand this will take as much encouragement as the discouragement that got you here, no one deserves to feel like that.

You must be kidding!... you are beautiful.