When I Was Younger

I used to think I was when I was younger, I was skinny (still am) but back then I was like a size six (UK size) and everyone used to make fun of me and call me anorexic, then they would say "oooh I would loveto be that skinny" I was like WTF lol I used to do whatever I could to gain weight but it never happened lol. I also looked young for my age which i detested!! but hey everyone knows how awkward and horrible puberty is.

Now I'm 18 and really don't mind how I look. I'm an 8-10 now which I'm happy with I've just finally accepted myself I mean sure I wouldn't mind being taller but hey heels? And I wouldn't mind having double d boobs but I'm happy enough with my 34b boobs lol and my weight, I'm very happy with now everytime some ***** tries to put me down about it I just know she's actually the insecure one because she's a bit heavy I just hit back with "honey you would have to starve yourself for this body but I don't!" then that normally shuts them up. (I have nothing against overweight people infact they are just as beautiful as anyone else) I think once you say "this is me. And i love it" everything falls into place! You could be skinny, fat, tall,small, black, white, asian but there will always be someone who will think you're beautiful enough to be with.




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2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

You don't sound ugly. <br />
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I find natural and unique looking people far sexier. If I see another fake tan I'm gonna start vomiting on people.

Wow, I WISH I could feel that way. It sounds like you are perfect just the way you are and you are the right size, weight and shape for you!!<br />
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You are right not to pay attention to people who think you are starving yourself. it's a news flash to some people that there are naturally thin people in the world! I am not one of them, but I have a brother and sister who are, although we a lot of other overweight people in the family!